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Is it possible to make money with blogging if it is strictly informational and monetize it by placing adsense or other affiliate products in the blog that may or may not closely relate to the subject?

I know some people like to blog just to blog. I know also that if this is possible, I won't make tons of money, but a good financial start would be good.
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    the more relevant the ads the better

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      ^^what Andrew said...yes, it's possible to make money, but you need relevant ads for your site (can be AdSense, affiliate products or anything else), otherwise no one will click on them.
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    Yes, if you have a blog that provides great information it can get quite large. Look at Pro Blogger for example. That site was created to provide inforamtion to bloggers and website owners and now it's huge.

    It really depends on your niche but adsense would probably be the best way to go. I'd focus on ad placement and would probably use contextual ads rather than image ads, and make sure they blend in well with the site.
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    Originally Posted by Susanna Dodd View Post

    Is it possible to make money with blogging if it is strictly informational and monetize it by placing adsense or other affiliate products in the blog that may or may not closely relate to the subject?
    It is, if (a) the ads do relate closely to the subject-matter, and (b) one way or another you drive enough traffic to the blog and/or retain your visitors.

    AdSense and affiliate-links not closely related to the subject-matter are another matter: my guess is that it would be very difficult indeed to earn anything much, that way.
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      Oh yeah, it is definitely possible to do, however you are going to want relevant ads and affiliate offers.

      The first blog I ever created was an informational type blog, back then I never really monetized it well, just a couple adsense blocks here and there. Recently however I updated a lot of the posts and recommended related products, and now it is making some decent income.

      So yeah, information blogging could bring in some extra income.

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    In my opinion it would take longer to start earning money through adsense (giving enough time for the right ads to be shown), but in the long run I think a purely informational blog could be a great way to earn some money. Your readers would respect you as a true authority, knowing that they are never sold to (even though your ads technically are, they don't think of it that way).

    This type was mentioned in an ebook about blogging, something along the lines of "279 day strategy" or something like that. It was in the "make money online section" for free if you can find it.
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    Good to know. I was planning on using Blogger just cause I already have an account set up with them to start out with and then I will move up.

    Can someone tell me how you put ads on a blogger blog that is not adsense or amazon. I know how to do those two. But like an affiliate banner ad, how do you get them on there?
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    If you plan on your blog being a long term project, you should get a domain and host a Wordpress blog on it. Far more secure than putting a lot of work into a free platform and having the rug pulled out from under you at a moment's notice if they decide they don't want your blog on their platform.
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    Keep everything relevant. The primary objective is to post relevant and helpful content on your site. If people visit it and find the information interesting and of value, they will come back again and again. Eventually you can make money by posting banner ads or adsense ads. The money will come if you have sufficient traffic. But first and foremost focus on providing good content. That's the only way to ultimately monetize your site.
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    it is important that your product is relevant to the blog you post..

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      Ever heard of Tim Ferris? He's a New York Times bestselling author and makes high 5 figures a month on his blog through affiliate sales and advertising. It's a good model to mimic even if you aren't a bestselling author. fourhourblog dot com
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    As others have said , providing good information and having closely related items or using adsense can do well. Regular blogging with comments open also creates good interactions and develops trust. Building a newsletter is also a good way to let people know you added a new post as well as to provide more information that is relevant to your readers. Also answering personal e-mails from your blog readers builds the relationship and community.

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