Amazon Kindle and Clickbank Ban - Some Advice

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Have been reading over comments about what has happened with both Amazon Kindle and Clickbank this week. Lots of beginner guys chiming in, so I thought I'd add my advice, as somebody has been around for awhile, for the many people who seem quite frustrated by the situation...

Get back on the horse.

These things happen. I'm not one who believes that everything is conspiring against you making money online, but if you do enough things, sooner or later, you're going to run into this. It's much like returns; if you sell enough stuff, you're going to get some.

Beyond this, it's been my experience that you'll make a lot more money (and have a lot more ease) if you focus on building a real business than bouncing from one "money maker" to another. I'm all for opportunities to make money and know how exciting something like Kindle, or Squidoo, or Ebay, or Adsense, or Amazon affiliate sites can be, but don't think for a minute that doing the busywork of putting up dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of articles, PLR books, reviews, blogs, or similar things is something that will last for years. It can be, as we've seen this week, disappear within minutes, so if you're going to do something of this nature, keep that in mind.

I encourage anybody who has ever done something like this and had it all destroyed to share your experience below...

Personally, I've had several of these things happen over the years, but one that I remember the specifics for, which I think is similar to what happened this week with Kindle, was when I had a side hustle with over 800 sites getting Adwords clicks. One day everything was working, the next day, because of a change at Google, it wasn't...and I was still paying to host 800 sites, register 800 domains, hundreds of blogs helping to drive traffic, links I had purchased to help SEO, etc. Not the best day I've ever had, but you move on...hopefully.

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    These things happen and as a business owner you need to have the balls to survive them. It's some sort of filter - strongest survives!
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      Well it's all about sustainability. Working on several things at a time will take you much more effort, then succeeding with one.
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    Agree with this and learnt this the hard way.

    Focus on OWNERSHIP!

    Own your own sites, domains and even forums and obviously use the rest as TOOLS for YOUR business.

    If you rely on one "method" or "technique" to make money then it is hard work building up when it all falls on it's head.

    The more assets that you own that are profitable the better position you are in.

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      Originally Posted by Chri5123 View Post

      If you rely on one "method" or "technique" to make money then it is hard work building up when it all falls on it's head.
      Good point.

      Let me add "one source" to this as well. For example, if all your traffic is coming from Google, you only have one client, or the majority of your sales come via a single affiliate.
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    Could someone explain exactly what is happening with Amazon .... and Clickbank too?
    Is it just for California and Rhode Island? Does anyone understand what and why?

    I wanted to add some Amazon affiliate products to my strategy but to make it work correctly in the market I am targeting I need to get a US bank account - not impossible but a pain. Depending on your helpful answers I may abandon this idea .....

    Thank you for your help
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