Why do so many webmasters allow comments on their blogs?

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It's always puzzled me why site owners allow people to write comments on their websites. And then complain about spam comments.

You wouldn't allow anyone to enter your home and write all over your walls so why allow people to write on your web properties?
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    If you have a real blog with interesting content and want to build up a readership, comments are the best way to get people interacting and returning to your site. It adds content and interest. So they have to do what is necessary to keep the spammers out.
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      Interacting is what blogs are for. Comments invite conversation, ideas or even potential leads for business. Spam is just an unfortunate side effect.

      I wouldn't let someone in my home to write on my walls, but I'd invite them around myself for a good chat.
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    Comments can be used as great testimonials,
    however if a Blog owner does not like what he/she reads
    they can keep only the favorable ones.
    A little Dishonest? Probably.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Originally Posted by netbiz4 View Post

    It's always puzzled me why site owners allow people to write comments on their websites. And then complain about spam comments.

    You wouldn't allow anyone to enter your home and write all over your walls so why allow people to write on your web properties?

    The front door on my house is unlocked at this very moment. You never know who might stop by and chat. In fact, I WELCOME my friends and family and encourage them to visit. They know they can stop by any time cause the coffee is always on.

    But since the door is open, that also means strangers could walk in. Who knows what would happen. They'd probably eat all the food in the fridge and use up my other resources.

    Like leeches. Like nasty woodticks. Like tapeworms. Like parasites.

    Wow, isn't this a revolutionary concept:

    My open-door policy is in place to be convenient for my friends and family. But just because the door is open doesn't mean anyone is free to walk in and use up my resources for their own gain.

    Same with my blog. The "open door" is for the real visitors, not the leeches.

    Most people with two firing brain cells and an ounce of decency realize that an open door isn't for them if they're not going to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. But then there are the spammers who can't quite seem to wrap their parasitic brains around these concepts...
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    I initially allowed commenting on my blogs for the same reason
    that this forum is so successful.

    I wanted the site, in some cases centered around a blog, to
    have a sense of community. I wanted community members
    to grow the site, define the community, and police the
    community, much as happens on this forum.

    If Allen didn't allow us to post here, and he and the mods had
    to generate all of the content, this might still be a great place
    to visit, but not as good as when we can feel like it's our turf.

    At the same time, I acknowledge that it IS the moderating
    that keeps this site from becoming a free-for-all. Every so often,
    someone here will scream about being censored... or something
    like that because they can't post anything that they want.

    You DO NOT have a RIGHT to freedom of speech here. The
    site's owner and his helpers control the conversation. Sites
    that allow anything to be posted, in the name of "free speech,"
    usually RAPIDLY deteriorate.

    So my thinking in allowing comments was to encourage others
    to help grow the site, and build them community, by adding
    relevant, appropriate comments.


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    Originally Posted by netbiz4 View Post

    It's always puzzled me why site owners allow people to write comments on their websites. And then complain about spam comments.

    You wouldn't allow anyone to enter your home and write all over your walls so why allow people to write on your web properties?
    Keep your door shut but not locked so your friends can come in and chat but keep strangers off. That means you should allow comments but make sure you turn on comment moderation. Delete spam comments and approve genuine comment
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    It's all about the interactivity. There are also spam filter plugins to help minimize the spam, or just require approval for comments to eliminate it completely..
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    Another point is that comments add extra content to your page for free. Relevant comments should contain some of your keywords, which should help (although only a little) with seo.
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    Originally Posted by Danielle Clarke View Post

    People love to interact, and comments can provide important evidence that your site is vibrant, interesting, useful, provocative, etc. They keep the discussion going, and of course help spread your site through mutual links etc.

    Spamming is a drag, but akismet should catch most of those pesky undesirables.
    I agree! Also... about a year ago, it was reported that Google's algorithm now gives extra 'points' to sites the demonstrate 'Activity'. Be it, blog posting, general site updates, user generated content etc.
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    Because it's fun to see comments when you get home from work.

    Although you won't be happy with all the spams lately
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    • I like getting return visits from people whose blogs I've read. Makes me much more likely to go back there again.

      Of course, when you get to be the stature of Seth Godin, you can disable comments on your blog and still be moderately sure people will read you. I don't, because I don't like not being able to comment, but I'm sure others do.

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    I find on one of my health blogs that people are very appreciative for some of the remedies offered by others struggling with the same situation. There is a lot of interactivity. Spam is a problem and initially I had some setting that after a few comments that the next comment by same user would be approved. However, this was a problem for me due to spammers so now I do moderate everything on that site. Also, I found that people don't always want to register for a forum.. or they lose username etc and that writing a blog comment is often a way people prefer to interact.

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    Comments on my blogs help me deliver better content, simply put. I also enjoy the way people come together around the things I write, which wouldn't happen normally. Isn't that exciting? It is for me, and that's why I spend time keeping my blogs open to comments and free from spam.
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    A way to eliminate most of the spam is to use the GASP Plug-In (if you're blog is wordpress) in conjunction with the first comment by a new person requiring approval before publishing.

    The GASP plug-in requires a check box to be ticked - eliminating all the 'BOT' spam.

    The comment moderation for first time comments allows you to get rid of the human spammer (people linking to gambling sites or adult sites).

    And comments are a great way - as others have commented - to generate community and interaction. Plus I often find that good comment threads will generate one or two more post ideas if you have a good community.

    Why response would be: given it's so easy to keep the spam away, and there are so many benefits, why would you NOT do it?

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    The other way would be to have a forum link in your blog were people can leave comments, if you dont dont like to have comments on your blog.
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    I don't have commenting enabled on any site, but frequently think about adding it for the pro-commenting reasons mentioned above. What's holding me back is I really don't need another task being moderating comments daily or weekly. I may give it a shot some day, but for now I'm the lone voice on my sites.

    I'd rather spend the time creating content than moderating comments. Naturally enabling commenting creates unique content so I may be shortsighted with not having comments.
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    comments are like feedback of ur post...so.
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    Not having comments on a blog activated is like standing in the bathroom and talking in the mirror. At least that's the correlation I perceive, after all blogs are for interaction with like minded people in your market.

    Spit balling ideas through the comments section of your posts is a great way to generate repeat visitors to your blog. A lot of people visit blogs to read the content but to also get the joy out of reading the comments.

    People who leave comments will generally come back later and see if anyone responded to their comments. It's human nature to be curious as to what others think of our own ideas. So this generates more traffic and interest.

    It also provides social proof to others visiting your blog for the first time. It demonstrates that your blog is much like a community of people who all enjoy talking about the things you do. They also like to share their opinions which is equal to value in my opinion.

    So allowing comments completely outweighs the fact of putting up with and cleaning out the spam catchers on your blogs. It's only a few clicks...
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    That is why it is called social media, you get to socialize....
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    Commenting really gets your community active and can lead to interactions that go well beyond the website.

    For example, one of the people that frequently commented on my blog became one of my clients after we had a great chat about online business. I mentioned that I did freelance writing, he said he needed articles so we struck up a deal and it's been going well ever since.

    There are other instances where the community has stepped in with my work such as gaining additional insight for product creation and more.

    Spam sucks but its easy to manage. Comments definitely aren't worth getting rid of all the great benefits that come with them, in my opinion.

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    Originally Posted by netbiz4 View Post

    It's always puzzled me why site owners allow people to write comments on their websites. And then complain about spam comments.

    You wouldn't allow anyone to enter your home and write all over your walls so why allow people to write on your web properties?
    Comment also serve as update and content to your site, come to think of it google loves fresh content, that's why many webmaster allow comment on there sites, and also serve as feed back to them.
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    When visitors post comments on your blog, website or facebook page, it invites people for their oppinions and when they take the trouble to comments generally you usually have links or ads so that people can click on promotions you have, earning you money and yes is fun and exciting to see what they write when you come home, it's usually the first thing I look at.

    Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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    You are right on a certain extent. If you cant moderate comments properly then you deserve to have spam comments or otherwise , a good moderation is required to manage comments whether they spam or not.

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