Any other Canadians who promote Amazon?

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I'm in Canada, and I have to receive my monthly Amazon payments via cheque, which is a little inconvenient. I was wondering if there were any Canadians here that managed to get direct deposit to their Canadian bank account without going through a 3rd party service? If anyone has been able to do this, I'd love to hear about it!

Some other affiliate systems allow direct deposit to Canadian banks, so there must be a way to accomplish this with Amazon, I'm hoping.
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    Im from Canada too I'm happy with the cheques, I don't mind too much but a direct deposit would be nice...anyone else
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      Funny - I just sent off an inquiry to Amazon this morning about this very question.

      As it stands, Amazon won't do direct deposit payments to Canadian bank accounts. The only way it would ever happen would be through wire transfers. And from experience, wire transfers are far more of a pain in the rear end than having a cheque mailed out and can take just as long.

      But.. I may have a solution, depending on if Amazon will play ball. I doubt they will, because they may be concerned over tax implications and such, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. If they do play nice, I'll get you guys to PM me your email addresses (I don't have enough posts to PM) and I'll tell you what you can do. I financially have one foot in each country, so I've learned some ways to get around these things.

      What is your biggest issue with cheques? Is it just the time it takes to get here?

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        I am interested in knowing how this plays out as I am thinking of promoting Amazon, too.
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    We would all love to have direct deposit but a check works fine and would not be a negative for not starting to promote Amazon products.

    I am in Thailand so only have the check choice but it works fine and even here I only have to wait about 2 weeks for it to clear and Im sure with the USA being you neibours check clearing cant take that long.

    Plus it will be a couple of months before you get your first check and even then that most likely wont be much and you can set the min Limit before they send you a check so get started asap, Amazon is a really great way to build a passive residual monthly income.

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
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      You get used to the cheques and it makes checking the mail a fun experience again!
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      Originally Posted by GazCooperOnline View Post

      I am in Thailand so only have the check choice but it works fine and even here I only have to wait about 2 weeks for it to clear and Im sure with the USA being you neibours check clearing cant take that long.
      You would be surprised.. I actually switched banks two years ago because my bank suddenly started holding US cheques for 30 BUSINESS DAYS. Of course, that's far from the case with most banks here, but anywhere from 5 to 20 business days seems to be the norm.

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        I just got off the phone with Amazon..

        ..I found a way..


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          Originally Posted by athenistic View Post

          I just got off the phone with Amazon..

          ..I found a way..

          How about sharing it, plz?

          I've had my 3rd (too small) check and DD would be extra nice, I have the US checking account waiting, even Paypal would do.
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            You need a US based account.

            Amazon won't direct deposit into Canadian accounts, regardless of whether it's a US funds account or not. If you don't have a US based account, then the only way you're going to get your money from Amazon is by cheque.

            However... there is a way to both get a US account AND have instant and very legitimate access to all funds in it. I've been banking over the border for a few years this way, and tbh, it surprises me that this isn't more well known.

            I'm able to spend all my Amazon earnings here in Canada the same day US affiliates see their deposit in their account. It doesn't take any crazy payment forwarding, you don't need to deal with PayPal, nothing like that.

            So, here's how you do it.

            If you don't already bank with RBC, set up an account with them.

            You will need to tell them that you want to set up an account in the US as well.

            Please DO NOT confuse this with a US funds account included with your Canadian based RBC account. You want an account with Royal Bank in the US. Make sure to be clear about this.

            Please note that these are technically separate banking institutions, so you will need to go through the process of setting up two entirely different accounts, including your initial deposit to open the account with. But your RBC adviser will put the application through to the US bank for you. You can start the process over the phone, but you will need to go into a branch to complete it, of course.

            Once you have both accounts set up, Royal Bank (the US version) will send you out a confirmation number by mail to verify your internet banking. Once you receive that, in about a week, call Royal Bank(US) to have them help you set up your internet banking, and tell them that you want your RBC account linked to your US Royal Bank account in your online banking account.

            Once your accounts are linked, all you have to do is log into your RBC account, and you will have access to both your Canadian and US accounts right there. You can see each account separately, and you can transfer your funds over the border instantly and at a much cheaper exchange rate than you could ever dream of getting from PayPal. No holds, no strings. One second your money is in one country, the next, it's in the other.

            So, the last step, which I verified is totally okay with Amazon this morning, is to enter your US banking information into your payment profile. Then all you need to do is wait for your next payment to arrive in your US account from Amazon, click button, and there it is - safely in your Canadian account and ready to spend.

            The Amazon rep I spoke with said the only thing they're concerned about is where the physical address of the account holder is - and even on my US Royal Bank account, my address is listed as Calgary, so Amazon, nor anyone else, can say that I'm not in Canada and shut me down.

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              Oh, and on another note - for those Canadians who have never experienced American-style banking, don't be surprised if some things seem to be a bit slower than you're used to. While many things are instant, like debit card transactions, things like electronic funds transfers can take a few days. And there's no email transfers - just a warning. It surprised me how slow some things can take, but they don't use Interac or anything similar to it industry-wide down there.

              And also get overdraft protection on it if you can. For some reason, US bank accounts don't believe in the 'insufficient funds' message - they'll often let a payment go through and then ding you $35 to cover it.

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                Good info.
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    Thank you for all your post. I am also in Canada and looking for this same information.
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    Checks are fine with me here in Quebec. But let me make you a suggestion. Open a US bank account at your local bank and you'll find it much easier to cash them in through your US bank account with fees ranging from only 50 cents to a buck.

    Basically what happens is the check is cashed using the US account and then you get them to transfer the US funds in your Canadian bank account and then withdraw it quite simply.

    Bernard St-Pierre
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    So they only like US accounts? Interesting info.

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    I have an Amazon account. When I go to the "payments" section it only allows for me to put an account number in. How do I register for payment by cheque?

    Please help, thank you
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