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I was just wondering how long it would take to make $5 (auto pilot) a day on a site with any niche, layout,etc. I have no clue because I've never worked with "Long term" sites and have only stuck to viral videos
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  • What exactly do you mean by "any niche"? Since it does vary per niche. Plus what monitization are you looking at? (E.g. AdSense, Amazon affiliate?)

    Lets say that you go for AdSense, and your niche has ads paying 30 cents per click.

    You'd need 17 clicks per day to get $5 per day on relative autopilot.

    Based on a 5% CTR (click-through-rate), you'd then need 340 visitors per day to get to the $5 per day level.

    Naturally a higher CTR or CPC (amount you receive per click) would then require less than 340 visitors per day.

    Whilst 340 visitors per day might sound a lot, it's really not too much. I've got websites to that level in 1-2 months (but with higher CPC and CTR, so I was getting >$5 per day from such sites).

    It really depends how you are thinking of making money though, i.e. information sites, or affiliate sites?
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    Not much, try to build a network of blogs or auto blogs and monetize them with adsense while generating a bit of traffic. Being a freelancer, you can also make 5$ a day on autopilot mind you.

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