Need veteran help for my self help blog. I have 100 people a day visiting.

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Hi guys. I've been blogging locally to promote my dating coaching business. However, I've been watching my google analytics and they have gone from no traffic to about 50-100 hits a day in 8 months. Half from keywords. The keyword searches don't stay for very long,maybe 30 seconds average. But some of my backlinks from blog post comments stay for fifteen minutes.

I have a mailing list signup page, but it's not up right now as I design a popup for it. I only have 30 subscribers so I'm going to put together some sort of incentive.

I do see that I have readers that come almost everyday to read the blog, and get reader mail about once a week. But most of my readers come from my craigslist campaign for my bootcamp offer.

I'm not really a part of the community and I don't think I market very hard on keywords. I just really love writing. I plan to make an ebook or something.

I would love passive income. But I think I need to get like, a thousand or more page views a day to do this.

So what do I do? I know the site needs more work. This is the third version and it's more centered around my I'm a good writer.

But I want those thousand a day readers. I want passive income.

What should be my priority steps?

here it is. – Vancouver Dating Coach - Attraction Coaching For Men
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    Just wondering if your have tried demo and geo targed PPC ads on Facebook and Plenty of Fish, might be something to do when you have a documented visitor value. Dating is not the cheapest term though...sending PPC to a Facebook fanpage is cheaper, and one could get a legit based on your content.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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      Uhh, I don't have a facebook page. I guess I need one?
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    Hey Sebastion,

    I recommend setting up a Facebook fan page. That's probably the best and most cost effective way of getting subscribers.

    If you target your ads to Vancouver and then create multiple ads for, say, men of ages 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, etc., I bet you can get clicks for as low as $0.05 - $0.1.

    There was a WSO from SimpleSpencer (not sure that's his correct username) in which he talked about how to get dirt cheap clicks. Also check out his other WSOs related to Facebook. He's got a neat tool for setting up optin pages within Facebook. If what I'm telling you is too much for you right now, you might consider hiring someone to setup these ads for you. There's no shame in that

    Spend your time writing that eBook or preparing a local seminar or something and let someone who knows how Facebook works work on your ads. At least until you learn that yourself.

    Edit: I've just checked your site and you don't seem to have a sales page. You might want to take care of that.
    Set up a sales letter/video for your seminar and a few free videos to give away through your newsletter and you've got yourself a business! As you're doing live coaching you don't have to fiddle around with setting up a product, a members area and all that stuff.

    You might even consider doing a full product-launch-formula style launch. Whenever I did that for my own products and my clients' products the conversions went through the roof. Especially with high-ticket products like yours.

    From personal experience I'd say you could have all this set up and running at full speed in less than a month.

    Good luck
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    50-100 visits a day from the search engines is pretty good. Find out what keywords they're coming from, and try to improve your SEO rankings for those keywords specifically.

    Also, definitely create & set up the incentive to get people on your list. The money's in the list and the sooner you've got it up and running the better.
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    put a content lock on it
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    Thanks for the tips
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    • I thought your page was alternately funny and offensive, about in equal parts.

      That's actually not a bad thing.

      You should mail hard copies of a few of your more offensive posts -- like the one where if a girl tells you to go away, she's a lesbian -- to some of the politically-correct columnists in your part of the world. If you manage to annoy an uptight feminist you could get lots of free publicity as people rush to see what the ruckus is about.

      "Pull my finger," is a funny come back for just about everything.

      If you say so...

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          Originally Posted by drewdenie View Post

          Some good advice here Sebastion.
          I would add that your entire blog is your sales page.

          Also, that a recommendation beats advertising.
          Here is what i would do.
          Join some of the big forums in this niche.

          Tell people your offering free $1000 coaching
          to 5 lucky people that comment on your blog
          within the next week.
          Pick the winners and hit the town for a few nights.
          Your so good at teaching this stuff your students
          will spray the forums with messages of praise for their new
          Wow I implemented this right away on my major forum. I'm giving away free phone coaching for the top monthly commenter. Nice.
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    If you want to get 1000 visit/day i will advice you to continue to write more content for your site. Target alot of longtail keywords and optimize those pages to rank. You will be so surprise how you traffic will increase.
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