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Ill make it short and sweet. I started making websites and sell them recently. I want to know where you get content (words) similar to: Student Loan Grants. I googled the content and its not unique. I know how to install wordpress, themes and all that. Just the content, where do I get that from? Thank you in advance!
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    you can find some people who write this for you at the warrior forum at "Warrior for Hire"
    or at google
    An Incredible $200 Value Report - FREE! Building A List Now
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    Write it yourself, hire someone, or go to
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    Hmmm I see. Thank you for your help
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    Just google "plr content" or "plr Whatever Niche You Want" and you'll find website(s) where you can purchase non-unique content. Shop around... you can find some real cheap content if your not worried about it being unique.
    Never judge a book by its post count :)
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    Thank you soo much for your help!
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      I also wanted to know, where does he get the ebook and ebook links to sell?
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