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Hello Mortals,

I'm currently creating my very first Amazon review site, but there is something I'm unsure about and therefor I went to the Warrior Forum for some guidance.

So... My question is: Should I show the price on my product reviews? Or should I send them to Amazon for the price?

Thanks in advance,
Frederik Jørgensen
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    On my web site i don,t show the price your choice
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    I do with the main products I promote as long as there's a good discount on the price.

    Amazon is usualy cheaper than other online retailers & high street shops so showing the discounted price makes a good selling point.

    One of my sites has a product that runs with around £100 off which makes it look like a very good deal.

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      If you're going to show prices, they have to be the current, correct prices, which means using a widget or something to pull the current data from Amazon.

      I don't bother. I just have a link - click here to see the special price on Amazon.
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    Hide the price. You have more chance of the user clicking through your affiliate link to find out the price then showing them the price on your affiliate website.

    Your job is to entice your visitor to click on your affiliate link, the rest is up to Amazon to sell the item to the visitor.

    You'll have more luck on conversions hiding the price rather then showing.

    I'm don't personally promote Amazon products, so i can't speak from experience.

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    Showing the price can increase your conversion if done correctly.

    Most people who shop online are doing so to buy products at a lower price than a high street shop. Show the person who lands on your product review page that this is the best price online & where they should by.

    Here's an example of what I do with my sites...

    I'll write something like "Limited discount price - Click here"

    Then I'll have the price displayed like this...

    Was £150 / Now £100 / SAVE ( £50 )

    As mentioned you also have to make sure the prices are correct as Amazon changes prices often.

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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    Try building suspense.Compare the prices saying which is lower. But never diclose the price...

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    Here's some proof that showing the price does work.

    Take a look at my Amazon earning from last month, you will see 3 of my sites in green boxes. These 3 sites made over £300 each & all from products showing the price.

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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      I had a number of affiliate sites and when I started I would show the best price from Amazon, but the prices change so often that I probably wouldn't bother now. I would probably just say something like "save XX% by purchasing here"
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  • Ok, thanks all!
    For now I wont show the price. Maybe when I get more visitors I will do some testing.
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