How to add advertising on my WP blog?

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I've recently set up a wordpress blog, and would like to add some ads on it.
Is there a simple plugin that lets me add for example amazon affiliate code, clickbank, adsense, etc., or would I need seperate plugins for that?

I'm thinking about something where I can define for example 'top-right' of page, there should be shown an amazon product, and at bottom of page adsense. Just examples.

Otherwise is there a simple way to add amazon and clickbank products in seperate plugins?

Thanks, guys.

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    If it also cloacks the links it would be great?
    Any plugins that also supports amazon widgets?
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    CTRTheme is a great Adsense WP theme. Just do a google search for amazon wordpress plugin or any of the other terms, you'll find a lot of results out there.


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    You can put any html that a vendor gives you into a text widget. Also, you might look at the Ad Injection plugin that also allows ad rotation.
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    You may want to put adsense ads or 125x125 boxes.
    If you are looking for the latter, make sure you have a theme that has inbuilt system for adding those ads, else you may want to add a text panel to the sidebar and input the htm code, as for adsense there are many plugins available
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    I have found that socrates theme is a good wp theme to use to monetize your blog.
    Also you can ad a text widget to your side bar from inside your WP admin area. Then put your html code for adsense or clickbank product in there. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the input, guys. Can I standardise so for example one or more text boxes (with my html code) are shown at certain locations on all my posts?
    That is, without having to edit each post manually.


    Best regards,
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