Has Video Killed The Audio Star....

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With the huge use of video in Internet marketing over the last 12-24 months, it's kind of sad that poor Audio doesn't get much of a mention on the forum.

Remember folks, sure video is generally more entertaining and definitely has its uses in marketing...but soon enough web video will be "old" and not as effective as it is currently (unless done correctly).

A simple audio still has the power to "market" just as well as video.

One simple advantage that audio has over video is:

You can multi-task while listening to audio!

With video you need your eyes AND ears open.

I've been listening to a whole bunch of IM audios lately while at work, and it makes the day go faster and I still have plenty of brain cells free to do my job

So have a think about your audience and how audio may sometimes be a better option than video.
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    I just got back from the New Media Expo (New Media Expo) and though video is popular in the direct response world there is still a massive (and growing) market of audio content publishers.

    Radio is huge and internet radio and podcasting is still growing.

    Audio files are smaller than video and can be successfully compressed to reach dialup audiences effectively.

    However, only video has the "bug zapper effect..."

    A catchy, entertaining, or compelling video can have a mesmerizing effect on people.

    Ever seen what happens to kids when you turn on the TV?

    One of the best TV commercials I have seen recently was for a DVD player in a vehicle...

    It started out with a lunchroom at a school in absolute chaos... the principle walked in pressed a button and dvd players popped out of the ceiling. Instantly the riot stopped and all the kids sat mesmerized.

    Audio content is great for fans or people who are certain they are looking for the content you are providing...

    Video content is great for grabbing attention quickly.
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