Anyone has FatCow Hosting Coupons

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I'm about to buy purchase hosting through FatCow, but heard if we have discount coupons we will get for a good deal, can anyone help me friends?

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    Hi nagend,

    I made a quick google search for you (yes, you let me google that for you), found some sites. I also look through to Fatcow's website, and comes until checkout screen. There isn't any field to enter coupon code in any steps through the buying process. On the sites I found via google, there are some so called discount links, but when you landed to Fatcow via these links, you see a different page but the price is same. So they have a 47% "discount" right now, and it seems that's your only option.
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    Sorry if this is annoying, but I highly suggest that you don't go with FatCow if you havn't signed up yet. Try searching "FatCow Review" in (probably the best place for real hosting reviews) and you'll understand.
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    Agree with CHR, fatcow is not a good hosting company, their server goes down several times, email not work, very bad customer support. Put little amount more and host your site on Hostgator. Read my full review on fatcow, why fatcow sucks.
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    My main issue is that I prefer cPanel for a control panel and FatCow uses vDeck.
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    They don't have coupons.
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