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Im using the paypal buy it now button with a backlinking service on my site. I can get the people to use the button but my question is, how do I get the paypal link to go to a url submit form after they have completed the purchase? Thanks in advance!
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    Im sure you can have paypal redirect to a URL after payment... They have a pretty good support system... I would give them a call and have them talk you through it...
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    You just edit the advanced settings for the button in paypal. It has a thank you page URL or redirect - I forget.
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    Ahh I see. Thank you for your help
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    Not sure what your trying to do?, but when a customer pays, you can direct them to your "Thank-You Page URL" (pretty much any where you want that houses your product/service/whatever) where they can download or access the product for example.

    Many of my Thank-You pages include an (optional) Opt-in form that asks customers to "Register Your Products Now to Receive Future Updates, etc..."

    -This way, I add them to a separate list of 'BUYERS' an build that list!

    In doing this, I can easily 'mail' the "Buyer's List" new offers relevant to what they have purchased, up-sell them, or just throw them an occasional freebie to keep them on board for future campaigns.

    Not sure what your trying to accomplish, but the above works well from my experience.

    All the Best,

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