Links within your Description on Video Sites?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to insert a link within the description of a video I uploaded on DailyMotion. I inserted the link like this: <a href="url">Link text</a>

But when I save it, the link is no where to be found. I also tried to insert the link as: and that's it and nothing happened. Does anyone know how to insert these links within the description of these video sites?

Thank you

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    some video sites do not allow links maybe.
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    @JasonVS, Hi there Jason, if html isn't working use bb code. google it for free code demonstrations.

    IF, html and bb code BOTH do not work, you can rest assured you are temporarily restricted. Especially the better or higher page rank forums these day want like a minimum of 25 even 50 posts from you before they give you full access to your signature links. ...or what just happened this second as I gave you the exact code for bb link and it said i had to have 15 posts and to remove my link, so I did. Just get it from google search> "bb code" > to making links.

    Cheers, Roman
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    Maybe they dont allow the links.. Or they might accept some other code.. can you tell me the name of the video site you are having the problem with.. i will try taking a look..
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    some sites don't allow links. You can use youtube it allows links.
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    Thanks everyone for your time and help I truly appreciate it!

    One of the video sites I was trying to backlink to was ERRRR
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