How is my competition posting in CL this Much!!!!!

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I for the most part know the in's and out's of multiple posting on CL and I can't for the life of me figure out how my competition is dominating CL like she is.

What I know about her operation is this. She has maybe 8-10 guys/girls that just post and flag adds all day. All of them are in house.

How is it that she can post so many adds daily and not get ghosted? Can some one look at her adds, analyze them and tell me what she is doing?

I know this is temporary advertising but in need the immediate business to generate money for the optimization of my soon to be website. With out this I'm going under before I even start.

How to find the adds

Craigslist>los Angeles>for sale>auto parts> type any of the following: rims, tires, lexani, giovanna, dub, 20 inch, bmw rims, wheels.

This blows my mind!!!!
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    There are plenty of other ways to advertise, I personally hate (and do not trust) craigslist...sorry I'm of no help.

    However, with plenty of better advertising markets, I wouldn't sweat CL.

    If every other ad placed in a targeted niche like automotive or furniture leads to the same persons crappy ad, (as you describe your competition is doing)...then you just described why I hate craigslist.

    Here's an idea...Google "Free Classified Ads in Los Angeles" there's 1000's of resources, don't lose yourself in one place like CL.
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    Multiple IPs seems essential for gaming craigslist, the big boys get dedicated servers with multiple IP hosting to run their own proxy software. and of course you have to have many accounts and change up the ad wording and styles to not leave a footprint.

    Be sure you reread their TOS where a $ charge for each violation is cited.

    They have brought lawsuits against posting service companies.

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    so in sum, different IP and different ID posting
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      thanks guys. I wanted to be over craigslist anyway. At least in my area. If I do CL it will only be in other states, but I'll focus on other avenues.
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    I know how she is doing it, I cant tell you here.
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