Need some advise on How to win a eBay auction without breaking the Bank ;-)

by Michael Mayo 10 replies
Hi Warriors,

I have my eye on a something up for bid on eBay and I really need the Item for my business.

The seller sold the Item last week but the buyer didn't send the money to the seller.

The seller has relisted the product using an auction instead of the Buy Now option like he had it before.

What would you do to ensure that you win the auction without spending an arm and a leg doing so?

I know of Snipe programs but is that the best way to go?

Any advise from experienced Buyers out there would be very welcome.

Have a Great Day!

Presently the price is 0.99 US and I have not yet bid on it.
I'm willing to go as high as $299.00 for the Item.
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    Have a few browsers open, click at the very end.
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    Hi Michael,

    Put in a bid at the lowest possible price now and then watch it.

    Wait until right near the end and then put in your highest bid about 90 seconds from the end and you should win - if not, then it will have gone over your top price.

    I've done this a few times and bagged some nice bargains!


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    Snipe progams work well, I would recommend checking out the completed auctions by going to the advanced search, log in and find what the item has sold for recently,
    What I do to get the best price is I focus on all the itmes sold at lowest price. What I am looking for is the keyword for the lowest priced sold.

    I'll search for those keywords, I'll find the listings with poor quality keywords, find the listing then, you got it I'll snipe it on

    When Snipe bidding I also keep in mind when the average price the items sold for in the past from the completed auctions listings. Give them an average price max bid tell the snipe program to place auction bid 6 seconds prior to the end of the auction and then keep my fingers crossed!

    Good luck,
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    I am a "last minute" bidder and have won a lot of items on eBay this way, I leave myself a sticky on my desktop with a link to the item and the end time, then when the auction has about 1 minute left I place my bid ... Works about 90% of the time for me.
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    Here are the strategies that I use.

    1) Do not bid on the item AT ALL until the last minute. This only serves to drive the price up and alert the other bidders of your interest. If the other bidder thinks no one else is interested, they will get careless, and may not be present at the end of the auction which is the most important time.

    2) On the day of the finish, open up the page TWICE, so that you have two windows open on the same auction. Open them up at least an hour before the end of the auction. Keep them open and do not close. If you keep closing and opening these windows, it will increase the hits on the hit counter, and if another bidder is watching this (I do), it will alert them to your presence and interest.

    3) You are going to manually snipe the auction. One window is open to refresh the countdown timer, and one window is open to place your bid. Resize the windows so they fit in your screen and that you can see the relevant information.

    4) Decide beforehand the MAXIMUM you will go to. In your case you have specified $299. This is a common psychological figure and it could be likely that someone else would input a similiar figure. If they enter the same amount, but do it before you, then they win. So choose an unusual amount, like $303.92, which is nominally over your max amount.

    5) In one window, place your bid, BUT DO NOT CONFIRM. You use the other window to refresh, refresh, refresh, and when there are 5 seconds to go you hit the CONFIRM button to confirm your bid.

    Most of the time you will win using this strategy!

    I think I have annoyed quite a few people using this!

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      Am I sneaky or what?
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        Wow, Thanks everyone for all the great Ideals.

        I plan to win this auction even if I have to outbid

        Thanks for all the tips and tricks.

        Have a Great Day!

        Elevoution, Thanks, for the break down and yes, your sneaky!
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          No worries let me know if you need any clarification.
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