How do you guys target buyer specific keywords?

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Let's say you are selling an SEO guide and you only want to rank for keywords that are buyer specific, how do you go about this?

Obviously "buy seo" and "pay seo" might be good but everyone thinks of these. How do you find buyer specific keywords?
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    All i know is this:

    You need the people who are at the end of the search for a product.

    They start to search with:


    Jeans store

    Jeans store size credit card

    jeans store size credit card free delivery

    The searches in the beginning are from people who are still exploring what they need. The "jeans store size credit card free delivery" is a person who knows what they want and is ready to buy right now.
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    I used market samurai, you would search for your seed keyword, which in your case would be Seo guide, then it will list all of the related keywords, you can look at all the keywords and determine which one will attract info seekers and which ones will attract targeted buyers. From that you can analyize the competition, check keyword search traffic, cost per click etc. This is the absolute best keyword tool you will ever find and the best money you will ever invest. They have a free trial so you can check it out before buying the full version. Hope this helps.
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    Look for people searching words like: course, guide, book, ebook, how to, learn, how to avoid
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      I think, unfortunately, the best way to find "buyer keywords" for your unique product, is to make sales..

      Good luck,

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    Check out a product here in the WSO section called Niche Research Mastery. It's like $20 and will answer all your questions about this topic and lots more. Way worth it!

    In fact, it will give you a huge list of buyer keywords to include... it will be a big help.
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    buy, shop, online, store, paypal, credit card, reviews, product vs product
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    Here are some supplemental keywords (and phrases) that may help:

    for idiots
    for dummies
    how to
    how can I
    how can you
    how do I
    how do you
    help me
    help for
    for beginners
    for a beginner
    to learn
    to solve

    Hope this helps
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