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I want to start a new blog (hosted on something like blogger or and I was wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are between blogger and wordpress? Is either considered the better one? Is one generally better for traffic?

It's going to be a wildlife/environment blog; it will have adsense block but generating income is not the priority.

Thanks in advance,
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    Blogger can and often does delete blogs that are flagged as spam in a moment's notice with no explanation.

    Your own domain and Wordpress installation is a much better solution for a long term site.
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      This chart does a good job of explaining some of the differences between the two. I ended up chosing Wordpress for mine because of the ease with which I can import information and the number/quality of widgets available. This article first appeared in 2007, but has been updated frequently and seems accurate.

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        Anyone imagining that it might be sensible to try to use a Blogger blog as "their own site" may be pretty interested in reading this informative thread.

        And anyone who actually reads it, I imagine, is highly likely to change their mind, and thereby reduce the regular occurrence of all the threads like this one.

        I use TypePad, myself. It has available (nearly) all the facilities and advantages of a self-hosted Wordpress blog, together with (nearly) all the ease of use of a Blogspot-hosted Blogger one. Highly recommended (but not the cheapest solution, I admit).
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    domain= 12 bucks per year max
    hosting= couple bucks per month (some free ones)
    wordpress or joomla install= free

    Better than free services cause you call all the shots
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      Blogger - You don't need any experience or investement, you set up your log in matter of minutes but blogger owns it

      Wordpress -You need some experience because you have to buy domain & hosting, set it all up, install plugins etc

      In my opinion wordpress is more professional and you should use it because you have full control over it.
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      @dawnsuzanne I like your blog. But you are violating Blogger's TOS. You will probably get evaporated, especially because you draw attention to yourself.

      What I would do RIGHT NOW if I were you:
      Buy a domain name. Set up your existing blog as a 'custom domain' within Blogger's system (go to 'settings' and follow the instructions they give you to set up a 'custom domain'). It's really quite simple and will probably protect you from having the contents of your blog deleted by Blogger.
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    Thanks for all the tips so far.

    Would I get more traffic having a website vs my own private website or would it not make a difference?
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    I myself use both but if I had to choose one then it would be Wordpress. Reason why, in the end Wordpress is on my server and I have control over it and what I want on it. I can also monetize by selling ad-space if I chose or any other method.
    Hope this helps.
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    I prefer because of their tag feature. Still better off getting own hosting solution though.
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    Wordpress is the best option, there are hell lot of plugins and tutorials out there to help you with everything you need.
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    -Advanced platform
    -Ability to add plugins
    -You can have users in your wordpress blog
    - Tons of templates available (not free)


    -Simple interface
    -SE friendly
    -Easy to edit.
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    I prefer Word Press. It is a bit more complex but its worth it.
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    wordpress blog wont allow you to put adsense..

    You should go for blogger. its from google, the site that owns the internet.
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    Wordpress on your own hosting will let you use Google Adsense and gives you full control.

    And Wordpress has great plugins for controlling spam, calendars, membership sites, ecommerce and even affiliate programs.

    I would go with on your own hosting, not as hosting can shut you down if they don't like your affiliate links.

    With it on your own server, no worries. I use Wordpress for many of my own web sites and those for my marketing clients and it works great.
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      Originally Posted by Blacklisted View Post

      wordpress blog wont allow you to put adsense..

      You should go for blogger. its from google, the site that owns the internet.
      I was pretty sure that I owned the internet.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Jill, you own the internet? Will you marry me? I'm not high maintenance.
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    Without getting into all the pros and cons and I can tell you that if you are serious about doing IM then WP is the only way to go. There are too many plugins that help automate the process, produce backlinks, SEO, etc.

    However, I use Blogger often and post mini-articles to my main money blogs in order to build links and get indexed into Google quicker.
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    Wordpress might take a little more time to get used to, but man oh man. It's so versatile and with so much support that it's really the only way to go.

    Once you've gotten one blog up. It's so easy to get a few other ups and running. Packed with usefull plugins and with a little css knowlegde, you can edit anyway you want.

    If you don't want the headaches of coding your pages. I suggest using a wordpress framework like Headway.
    All you do is drag and drop and with a few clicks you'll make your blog look awesome.
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    Nothing is better than owning a domain with wordpress. I adore wordpress.
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    Most people find Wordpress better to use than Blogger.
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    Buy a domain and use wordpress...

    I've never used blogger but wordpress is awesome, lots of plugins etc.


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    I've used blogger in the past and though I think it was easier to use, now I use Wordpress for several reasons. One is as others have said, that Google can take away your blogger blog, but not Wordpress. If you get hosting that has cPanel, it's super simple to install Wordpress and you can even use it for sites with static pages. There's a ton of themes you have access to, some free and some paid. Super customizable, though it can be complex sometimes. It's worth having your own domain in the end though.
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