How I Win Every PayPal Dispute When Using WSO Pro (and similar services)

by Coby
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Hey Warriors,

I opened my email today to yet another PayPal dispute and I always chuckle when I get these especially when they claim "non delivery" or "unauthorized use" because it's so easy to prove and win these cases...

First, I simply take their email address and head over to WSO Pro and research their purchase...

Once you find their purchase just click "details" and it will bring up all the information you need to win this dispute...

Your next step is to take a screenshot (I used Jing) and upload it to your server (or anywhere it can be viewed at) and make note of the url for the screenshot...

I then head over to PayPal and open the resolution center and pick the case and choose "resolve now" I then choose "I can provide online tracking information"...

I then enter the WSO Pro transaction number as the tracking number, I entered their IP address in the "address" line and then I enter their city and state and country (provided in WSO Pro)...

Then in the comments section I simply provide a link to the screenshot and explain that the buyer not only purchased but also accessed the product (typically on more than one occasion, and in today's example they also tried to share it with other IP addresses)...

This normally makes it cut and dry and I win the cases quickly and easily...

So far I've yet to lose any PayPal dispute

Hope this helps, Good Luck
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    Ha ha, good on ya. I hate freebie seekers. Most of all i hate people that buy a product with full intentions of getting a refund before they even see the material. Lost hundreds of dollars to this on clickbank. Cheers for the post.
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    That's definitely something I love about IM. The ability to track things like this and call out dishonest customers is definitely a plus...and fun to do because they actually think that they can get away with it.
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    Thanks! Definitely saving this, never know when you're going to need it right?

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    Great advice. Being able to provide evidence as quickly and conveniently as this is so reassuring and gratifying when you're up against these jokers. On the other hand, has p/pal ever suspended your a/c because of a sudden rush of payments due to running a successful WSO? (And if so, how did you resolve it?)
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    Thanks for posting that Coby.

    Paypal really gives the impression that the buyer gets all the protection. For the seller, it's very much a case of being guilty before proving your innocence.
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    I do the same thing only with DLGuard screenshots. Works for me too.
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