How about adding spy feature to the forum????

by Tirmizi 3 replies
I am sure that most of you guys would be familiar with the " Spy " feature in the VB , since the forum is going through changes , why not add that too ...

Its a cool tool to stay in touch with new addition in all the threads ....

What do you warrirors suggest , we should have a ' SPY TOOL ' here on Warrior forum or not ..
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    not very sure wat is the "Spy" tools you meant here Tirmizi
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      I have a few ??

      What do we get to spy on?
      Will it get me in trouble with my missus?
      If yes above, is it bad enough that the trouble will last longer than a week?... I could do with a break, but not permanent.. so a l'il trouble is ok...

      Gd Morning WF


      Bare Murkage.........

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        well by 'spy tool" i meant the one where you can see all the new threads that are being started , or all the new posts by all the forum members on one page , and its in "real time" like you don't have to wait or visit every thread or forum section to see the latest threads within that forum .... you just keep a watch on one page ...

        Kinda ..spying on the whole forum .... so wat do u say ..
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