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When you're outsourcing something on Fiverr, will they know your real name? How?

If I pay someone thru paypal - like for example a WSO seller - will they know my real name?
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    Yes the above comment it true. If you are worried about it then don't do it

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    if you used your real name to create the paypal account then yes, but if you didn't it doesnt make sense
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    you are making the payment to fiverr not to the buyer, fiverr eat their share and after sometime pay sellers.
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    You pay for Fiverr, and Fiverr will pay for sellers, they will not know your real name.
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    What are you hiding from?

    Tim Pears

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      Thanks for all of the answers regarding Fiverr.

      How about WSO sellers?

      p.s. I write under aliases. I don't want anyone knowing I'm behind those pen names. Especially not strangers from the third world who could just put my name and pen name out there because they got their info after they made me a book cover image.

      Another thing. Let's say your paypal email is " m" but your real name is Joseph Smith, will Fiverr outsourcer or a WSO seller know about Joseph Smith?
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