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Do you pay for articles before you get them or after getting them?
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    I use odesk.com so always pay AFTER I get them.
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    Originally Posted by jimsmithtoday View Post

    Do you pay for articles before you get them or after getting them?
    It depends on who you are working with. There isn't a right or wrong answer here.

    If you hire an experienced writer that always has work, they probably won't agree to do business with you unless you pay them up front.

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    Some services allow you to pay for the articles after you receive them. Most article writers tend to want their payment and terms upfront. Once you establish a relationship then you can work out a system.
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    Just an fyi for my service...for NEW clients, I usually ask for upfront payment or 50% depending on size of order, but once they realize the quality is tight and I realize their money is good, paying after i deliver usually works. I always recommend starting with small orders though as if the quality isn't good, or you don't like communication, etc. Your investment is not so much to bear in case it ends up not working out.

    Good luck!

    Mac the Knife
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    I pay after I read them and the article directory approves them. That won't matter later as your article writer will trust you.
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    It depends upon the negotiation,..but I usually read the articles first prior to give payments.
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    I always get paid BEFORE I do the articles as I have done quality work and have references. If you are new most people will require the articles first. Sometimes I will also do 50% up front and the other 50% on completion.
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    I actually use a service under the name: "we write quality articles by Davion Wong." Davion Wong is an expert article marketer and I don't mind paying up front since they provide high quality articles every time. I was thinking about trying odesk though

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    It depends on mutual contract between buyer and seller.

    From buyer's point of view you should pay after getting the articles and from seller's point of view you should pay get paid before handing over the articles.

    - Steve
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    I both write extremely high-quality articles and outsource my articles on occasion (there's only 24 hours in a day!)

    I always pay up front and request payment up front unless it's for a bulk order, in which case I may do half upon hire and half upon receipt.

    Look at it from the writer's perspective. He/she needs money and an incentive to do a great job. If you make that a non-issue for them then they can simply focus on producing the best quality possible. If you make them wait for their payment, and this is just one man's opinion, they'll just go to somebody who pays them up front.

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    For any article writing I always use textbrokers.com

    They are very professional have amazing writers and best of all CHEAP!

    'One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.'

    - Henry Ford

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    it basically depends on what you and your writer agreed to or where you outsourced your writers...
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    No right or wrong way. I have 30 full time writers who I pay twice monthly to. But I have an office here in the Philippines.

    I have on occasion, been asked by writers for an advance, but I don't do it.

    You could, to establish trust, have them do a small batch first, pay them and then have them continue.
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