IM Business - Structure and Insurance?

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I'm interested in knowing how many experienced IM gurus our there have businesses as an actual registered business entity, and how many are registered as an individual entity.
The differences as I see them is partly in the level of protection of any assets you might have, and may also help with tax efficiencies.

I am also interested in the sorts of entity structures you have - and why.

Do you have insurance, and if so, and what does it cover you for?

It seems to me that even though everyone talks about having a business, nobody seems to mention the nuts and bolts of what you need to set up.

I am director of a 'Corporate Trustee' entity, which is a proprietary limited company that acts as the corporate trustee for a trust.
I do have PI/PL insurance but need to check that is will sufficiently cover me for any new endeavours.

Does anyone else bother with ompany structures or insurances?


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