Local Business Directory?

by Leigh Burke 5 replies
Hi Folks,

Did I see a post or WSO about starting a local business directory recently? Can somebody point me to this if you recall it?


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    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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      Offline Directories are good ideas, you just goto make sure thats your directory is different from the rest.
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    I have copies of several wso's etc. Not sure if they are still up or not. But here are some folks you may want to contact via PM to ask about them.

    Andi Hunt = who did a local portal wso

    Kim Standerline = who does them and did a wso with Rick Hunt ( Sorry if last name incorrect Rick, can't quiet remember) Rick is a programmer who programmed a local portal =cost was about $700 which sounds high, but everything is there according to Kim and others who recouped cost quickly.

    Carlos Garcia = He did and sometimes still runs a wso on a "myspace" type script which some used as a local portal. I used this script myself and thought it was great!

    And of course, don't forget all the "Offline Gold" type wso's that blend in well with this type of business. Some of them are:

    AndrewCavanagh = who started all the "offline gold" craze!
    Jason_V = who did a supplement method-wso
    Russ Reynolds = who added another method-wso
    skydivedad = who did a offline gold website -wso
    Paul_Evans = who did a letter to business-wso
    BIG Mike = who gave his recurring offline method-wso
    TimC = who did his offline blueprint- wso
    Michael Mayo = who did his recurring local business- wso
    Paul Myers = who did local web profits-wso
    testmkt =who did profit with offline gold-wso
    DavidPreston = who did offline goldmine-wso

    I got all the wso's--sorry if I left anyone out.--LOL

    Also you can search in the forum for "portal or local portal" some excellent post. Some are in the war room.
    Also a searh for " offline gold" may help and be good reading.

    Hope that helps you some. I am sure I missed some of the post and wso's but got most of it. Dang--I gotta get to working this!
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    AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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