What is the best WSO 'bump' stratergy?

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Hi warrior,
I just want to know, what is your WSO bump strategy,
Will it depend on how many feedback you get?
or, on certain number of sales?
or after break even the WSO price?

Would you mind to share?

I'm quite confuse right whether to bump my wso or not.
I asked some friends and he said, bump WSO was wasting his money.

SO I'm quite scared (I've also losing some money on bumping WSO before :p)
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    Bump whenever you can be bothered, or when it hits page 3.

    That's about as complicated as I make it.. and sometimes I even forget to bump for a couple of weeks.
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    I usually do it when visitors in the WSO thread are around 4800~... but only if the WSO is profitable when bumped.
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    Raja, I suggest that you remove your signature from your OP to avoid having your WSO
    and this thread deleted by a Mod. They may think you are self promoting your WSO in
    the Main Forum via this thread.

    Just thought you should know.

    Good Luck,
    Have a Great Day!
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    Simple - keep bumping until it is no longer profitable

    Also, stop charging so little for a solo ad! You are really undervaluing your list with that price.
    Always looking to invest in or partner with people on business ideas. PM me!
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    Bump it until it stops making you money - and even then do it a little more. Don't bother over-analyzing this or trying to stick to a pattern and don't bump based on the number of people in the forum either.

    Bump it when it gets to page 3. Bump it at different times of day. Bump it on different days of the week. Bump it whenever you can.

    What I am getting at is... there is no definite answer.
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    It's really hit and miss with bumps, sometimes you can pin point you good times, others not so much. Sometimes, your WSO may remain on the first page for a couple of days other times it may slip off within 60 minutes.

    Keep it loose is what I say.

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    Hello Raja,

    My Bumping WSO Common Sense tips:

    1- You could never know when a bump is beneficial, the WSO section is organic and there are always different people looking for different solutions at any given time.

    2- It costs 40$ to bump your thread, if you make less than 40$ per bump, then you have to re-think the hook of your thread title and the efficiency of your sales page. small changes make big differences!

    3- If you break even you are growing you list which in the long term could be very profitable.

    4- Don't listen to other people about "The best time to bump is.." experiment with it and find your own path.

    5- The most important of all - before you create your WSO Ask yourself if the product you are selling is something that people are looking for, is it solving a problem or making things easier?

    6- and for desert - Some WSO's stick and some don't, but if you won't put yourself out there you will never know.

    Good luck and much success with your WSO,
    Ari Freidman
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    You really do have to test various factors both with the time of bump as well as the content and title of your WSO itself. Let me just add this little pointer that has helped....

    There are certain pockets of time where WSOs are being bumped at around 15-20 bumps per hour. The only time I would avoid bumping is during these periods of hyperactivity. So just watch the activity prior to posting.....

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    As a buyer, I like to see positive feedback and if the last few posts had negative feedback then I would try to correct the issue with those buyers and wait till there is better feedback before bumping. (I have not seen your offer so am just speaking in general). I personally hesitate if the last few comments are negative but if the last few comments are glowing then I'd be more inclined to purchase. Aside from that, time of day can matter, if you are trying to reach US market versus other countries.

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    I would bump at 9PM EST, you may test it out to see which time works best for you. Personally I dont focus that much on it, its more about your offer than this
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    Really great feedback, just what i was looking for. Thanks everyone

    Robert Brown
    Skype: rbinternetmarketing

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      As zombies go, she's kinda strangely attractive.

      Come look see, join our Facebook Community.

      Lots of IM related chat from a good mix of Expert/Newbie marketers alike.


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        Originally Posted by Gary Clucas View Post

        As zombies go, she's kinda strangely attractive.
        You just made it a double zombie.
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        Originally Posted by Gary Clucas View Post

        As zombies go, she's kinda strangely attractive.
        Did you seriously just bump a one year old thread just to make that comment?
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    I usually bump it 1-3 times a week [though one is a free offer] but at the back end it does generate profit for me so far good with WSO
    I have never been specific with time, just bumping it when ever I feel like
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    In 2011 I bumped every time it fell off page 2.

    In 2012 I forgot about WSOs

    Now days.. I'm just horsin around.
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