Would you trust this Traffic Travis 4 stars recommendation?

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I got this promising keyword with high searches and with none of the top 10
site listed on the first page of google having on-page optimization for the keyword according to Traffic travis.

But all the top 10 are having average page rank of 5.1, average age of the domains 6.8, the least number of back links to a page on the list is 4,697 and highest being 430,023 while that of domains are 41,049 and 3,147,387 and all of them have some back links from .edu and .gov.

Also, only one among the top 10 have exact match domain name with .org and it is on position 10.

One interesting thing that i observed from the sites sitting on position 1 and 2 among the top 10 are as follow:

1- both are using their external pages to occupying the positions while the others 8 are using domains.

2- number of back links to the external pages of both are 7,505 and 6,290 respectively (remember the least being 4,697)

3- only the site on the position 2 is indexed in DMOZ and YAHOO directory and it is the only one that have page title among the 10.

4- according to MAJESTICSEO, they are the only sites among the 10 that sometimes use keyword anchor text links for back links.

Now with these data and more importantly on the recommendation of Traffic Travis that this niche is Relatively Easy, i am tempted to go for this niche may be within 3 month with unique content and quality anchor text back links-i will be listed among top 10.

But again,looking at the strong off- page optimization of these top ten cope with many thousands of back links to individual pages, i am afraid i might not achieve top 10 within 3 month or a year.

My question again would you follow Traffic Travis recommendation that it is relative easy and go for it? Or what has being your experience with this type of competition?

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    I believe the Traffic Travis star scale is often quite inaccurate and so is probably best to ignore it. I'm by no means an expert so someone may have a more informed answer, but from what I've researched, the page ranks and number of backlinks may make this keyword quite difficult to rank for. That being said though, the backlinks may be low quality and not anchored to that keyword, although you said they all have .gov and .edu backlinks.

    With work, I'm sure you could eventually rank for this keyword, but I personally do not believe it will be "relatively easy". Hope that helps.
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    Hi Clara, i really appreciate your contribution. From my own personal view of it, i know i will need to put in a lot of effort to rank for top 10 with proper on page optimization and anchor back links.

    What i do not understand is why Traffic Travis is saying it will relatively easy ( giving 4 stars out of 5 stars for very easy). More importantly, i just want to be sure that if i commit straight 3 month into this i will appear on first page of google.

    Anyone who is more experience should please enlighten me as i don't want to perish in the red sea.

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    Don't look at the star rating within Traffic Travis, simply use it to pull all ten top spots and the information you need.

    Also, a PageRank average is not helpful at all. What are the exact PR's for the sites on page one? Then what is the domain age?

    Is the keyword in the domain name for a majority of the sites? Is the keyword in the Title tag? Is the keyword in the h1 tag? Is the keyword in the description?

    Those last three are sort of important, because it shows you that those on page one are ACTIVELY optimizing for the keyword--which could indicate a fight to the top.

    Backlinks are harder to gauge. Numbers don't really mean anything. You need to pull the link profiles of the top sites to see how well anchored they are.

    Take all of that and then make an opinion. If your brand spanking new its going to be hard to tell you the competition exactly. You can PM the keyword if you wish, and I can try to better help you out.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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      Bloggingpro, thanks for taking your time to enlighten me on this subject.

      Page rank Domain Age
      1]4 10
      2]6 11
      3]6 0
      4]6 11
      5]6 8
      6]6 7
      7]7 10
      8]5 2
      9]4 6
      10]2 2

      1] Site on position 2 have title tag, other don't have.

      2] All don't have keyword in the description tag.

      3] All don't have keyword in the h1tag.

      4] Only the site on position 10 have exact match keyword as the domain with the .net as extension. Also, it is the only site using the keyword as anchor text for back links.

      I thinks anyone can help with these data, thanks.
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    I would take the star rating with a pinch of salt. I use travis traffic but disregard any recommendations. Everyone has their own way of analysing SEO data so you have to trust your own judgment and ignore the star rating. here are the things I would take into consideration for SEO purposes

    On page optimisation represented by the tick and crosses on travis traffic
    Top level domain?
    Page rank
    Domain age

    looking at the data you've provided above, unless I had an authority site that's been around for years I'd run a mile from this. Don't touch it.

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    I feel that the star rating, as well as the other stuff like Title/H1 etc stuff on TT aren't very accurate. I've seen many instances when it claim sites have no Title/H1 keyword presence but if you VIEW SOURCE the actual page, they're right there. Now I just use the free tool to check US SERP as our localized Google shows different SERP than the US>
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    I usually ignore the star rating and instead just study the top ten sites for backlinks, age, PR, etc. Thats who you will compete with, and if you can't beat any of them, you're not going to be on the first page of G....TT's star rating seems 'optimistic' to me.
    Bruce NewMedia
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    • I wonder if Traffic Travis takes into consideration in their rankings what many experts believe that off page SEO is 80% of the story while on page SEO is the other 20%.
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    this is an interesting thread. What id really like to know is out of all the elements mentioned above. How would you rank their importance. Ie.
    keyword in domain
    keyword in title
    Page rank
    Domain age
    Backlinks to page
    backlinks to site

    If you had to rank these in order of importance and impact on how easy it is to get on to the first place, how would you do this (ie how would you re order the above)?
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    I want to start by saying that I'm NOT a SEO pro. I just do my own lil' projects.

    Now, to tell you my scale:
    Backlinks to Page
    Domain Age
    Keyword in Domain
    Keyword in title
    Backlinks to site
    Page Rank

    Please correct me if I'm wrong
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