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Throughout the Warrior Forum, there appears to be continual comments about how hard and useless cold calling is and how it should be avoided.

Coming from a research point of view, I was hoping to get your opinion on whether or not you think cold calling is devil or angel and why. Is it that individuals don't know how to do it or is it really ineffective? Any stories - positive or negative - would be great.

Thanks for your time,
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    Like everything else in business, it should depend on ROI (Return On Investment).
    It's only ineffective if your return is less than your investment.

    It doesn't have to be hard if you know how to target your market correctly and can demonstrate the value that they will be getting.

    Cold calling is also a great way to gather more detailed objections that your prospects have and gives you more opportunities to overcome those objections.
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      We have a NO Calling list in Canada that is enforced by the Government. Most people have opted in on the list. Cold calling days are gone here.

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        Originally Posted by sjean View Post

        We have a NO Calling list in Canada that is enforced by the Government. Most people have opted in on the list. Cold calling days are gone here.
        Does that apply to businesses too?
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          Originally Posted by Matt Maiden View Post

          Does that apply to businesses too?
          I'm curious too...If cold calling even to businesses is illegal, I would not envy the salespeople who live in Canada.

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        Originally Posted by sjean View Post

        We have a NO Calling list...Most people have opted in on the list.
        This appears to be an option that people can take as opposed to a law that states that I can't call someone who has NOT opted to be on the No Call List.

        We have a similar No Call List here in the U.S. too.

        Believe it or not, most (smart) business owners want contact from vendors so they can upgrade equipment, or discover new products, learn about products that they are using that they can get at a lower price...

        The problem with using the cold call approach is that you are presenting your offer at a time that might not be convenient for them and therefore run the risk of annoying them.

        The best practice before calling on them is to send an introductory letter before you call. This way, you can show that you are trying to follow up on a connection that you already established. (a little warmer)

        Despite the chance of annoying through bad timing, if you have a solution to their problem, they will listen.

        Unlike the Internet where a business can operate with very little overhead, in the offline "brick and mortar" world, maintaining those bricks costs money.

        Each time an employee turns a faucet on it adds to the monthly bill. Whenever the hot water heater breaks down in a food serving establishment, it has to (by law) be fixed immediately.

        If you were calling an owner that had the water heater fixed several times in the last month with news about a new type of heater, you bet he will be interested.

        Most people can smell the difference between someone calling to make a buck (The Devil) and somebody else calling with a solution to a pressing problem (The Angel).
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          Here is what I see from setting appointments cold calling for my clients.
          Telemarketing works on a consistent basis if you are willing to go on appointments and be willing to hear some people say no thanks.

          Its amazing to me how many people go on 2-3 appointments,say no one bought and give up.
          The ones that consistently make calls and actually show up to all the appointments are making money in my experience.

          Go on 10-15 appointments that you set,then make a judgement call.

          Most of these people that have a little patience are actually doing quite well,based on what I see with my clients.

          Just like every other type of marketing its a numbers game.

          My 2 pennies worth...


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    I had a friend that did cold calling a lot. He said it really helped with picking up chicks because you had about 20 seconds to sell yourself.

    I've been thinking about doing it when offering marketing services to local businesses.
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    Actually here is my point of view.

    Most methods do and can work


    When your doing what every one else is doing, telemarketing, emailing, whatever...

    You better be a SUPERSTAR to rise above the noise.

    This is why we see threads where people come and complain or whine about cold calling being dead.
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