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Ok, I am an offliner and also have some of my own websites selling various items. Not the best out there but not the worst either...I make a living some internet marketing.

But one of my projects (and the one I am most passionate about) sells adventure vacations. For this site, I rank very well for the appropriate keywords and even get a respectable amount of traffic. But my sales are abismal. Maybe its several factors, but I badly need to improve my sales funnel.

Simply put, I dont know where to start to re-analyze my funnel. To save time and get quicker results, I am almost willing to pay for a training program/product on the market. This could be a full pledged training or even just a super informative ebook on the theory and sales techniques when it comes to talking to the clients later in the funnel.

Can my fellow WF'ers suggest some of the higher quality Sales Funnel systems (Not traffic generating systems) and/or ebooks I should look into?

MUCH thanks
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    Essentially, this is what I do for clients as a consultant/coach. There is not a single resource that covers the breadth of the topic that you're approaching here. Trust me. It's a vast topic that spans everything from customer behavior to marketing and sales tactics, etc... a giant swath of competency.

    There isn't a single formula to create a successful marketing process because every industry and customer type is different. A business has a unique value proposition, so a marketing process/sales funnel for one business is almost assuredly not going to work for another. That being said, there are fundamentals that are key attributes to creating it for yourself.

    It starts with understanding your customer so well, you know what their buying process is already. Then align your marketing and selling process to the already existing decision-making process that your client goes through on their own... and trust me, they go through a decision process. Think about your own behavior when buying something... you go through a buying process... evaluating your options, etc...

    Sure, you can manipulate that process with hard selling and emotion-based pitches. But I can assure you that the harder the sales approach, the higher the customer dissatisfaction rate.

    The more focus you have on a very specific target customer profile, the more tailored marketing story you can create and deliver - and consequently, the higher the conversion rate overall. Not just in sales, but in every stage along the customer development process itself.
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      Thanks for the info. I did sort of realize that it is indeed very broad and probably no over strategy to follow as each niche/industry is indeed very different.

      Might you be able to suggest some websites/businesses with sales funnels that you think are well done for their respective niche? (No, not asking for your clients. But maybe there are a few general funnels you think are well done)

      Also, some of the "touches" or steps in some sales funnels I have come up with (broadly based off my respective niches) include:
      Live Q&A session
      Drip email series
      Product information that user might not have realized
      Interviews with designers of products
      Interviews with other users

      Do you have some other items you find effective?

      Sorry for all the questions...but hopefully you have a few minutes to spare.

      Thanks in advance!
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