I'm making $100 a day but I just can seem to scale higher!

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Running my auto insurance quote site Whipers.com has been quite a rewarding and intriguing experience...I once spent $500 to only make back $20...I'm getting $3-20 a click (highest $30) but my traffic gets filtered and if the "quality" is less than "100%" grade my cpc goes to $0.30-$1.00

I've tried twitter, facebook, adbrite, bidvertise, plentyoffish, okcupid, and recently craigslist (...keep getting banned)

Any advise and illumination on your end would be wonderful.

Also my ctr is around 47% and I only get paid for US clicks.
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    CPA offers...

    You can get paid like $4 for a free quote etc, etc...

    Many options..

    Check out offervault.com for lots of different offers in your niche... and what network provides the offers..


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    Hey David thanks for the link & reply...I'm looking for more tips on traffic sources or campaign examples that have an unusual CTR, but the link was really helpful as that site is new to me.
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    Yeah offervault.com is a great site.

    All I can say is try different text ads & banner ads and keep optimizing until you know what works best.

    Your in a very saturated and competitive niche.

    Keep at it,

    Good Luck!
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    Sometimes SEO brings in good leads.

    I had a client once that I did a modified SEO method and he ended up getting about 20 sales of his site from the backlinks that were created.

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    to me it looks like you are doing pretty well. I am a starter and a 100 per day sounds a lot to me from IM.
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    wow making $100 a day... sounds great to me... you are doing pretty good.
    But why not starting a new project and outsource it...
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