Why 2 Different Results for Keyword for Google Mozilla & Explorer

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This is weird - when I search my keyword in Google using IE9 it comes up on page 1. But when I search same keyword in Google using Mozilla it comes up on page 3. WTH? :confused: So which one is right? AND MOST IMPORTANT how can I get an accurate report on where my keyword is really ranking on google? What's the best tool that will give me the most accurate report?
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    Clear your cookies, make sure you're not logged in. Also don't focus TOO hard on your exact ranking, as it will in most cases fluctuate heavily if you don't have an established site. You can check rankings to see the general trend, but other than that it's better to just focus on your traffic numbers.

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    One word: Cookies

    Also, if you're logged into your google account, your results will be effected.

    For clean google results use www.scroogle.org

    Another good cookie-free tool is Ixquick Search Engine
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    WOW Great - thanks - those sites are very helpful!
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    As already pointed out Google search results are tailored to you if you are logged in, and based on the cookies, also your location will be used on devices like iphone/ipad to further tailor your search results :-)
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    With clearing cookies also check that you are checking results on same site. I mean may be you are on Google.com in FireFox and on Google.co.uk (or whatever) in internet explorer.

    - Steve
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