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Hallo warriors

Yesterday I bought 2500 visitors delivered in 2 days from fiverr.So today when I logged in my analytics account I noticed that the 700 visits I had till now where all direct traffic from different countries all over the world(but most of them from china ).Of course there was no conversion but I didnt expect it to convert either.

I was just wondering HOW can someone generate that kind of traffic to someone's website in such a short period?
robots? :confused:

Any ideas?


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    Does it really matter?

    Funny that you paid for this garbage... while I banned an affiliate when he sent to my sales page 2000 "clicks" from China.

    Honestly, what else did you expect for $5 than garbage traffic? Not because it's Chinese but because it is absolutely not targeted and most likely automated: check the time spent on the site - usually, it's less than a second!

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      Dear friend
      As I mentioned before I didn't expect anything I was just wondering what this automated traffic is and how does it work.


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    I think the OP was just curious. I am too - we all know this is NOT traffic, it's probably bots, but I myself do wonder how this is "achieved" when it comes from various sources.
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