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by Arock
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Hey Everyone:

I have a couple of questions and comments about Akismet and blog commenting. If this has been discussed to death...sorry.

First, I have a relatively new blog where I have installed Akismet. At first I thought that this was cool. Akismet was catching a lot of spam. Now...I don't know if it is working so great.

There are a lot of innocuous bloggers leaving "nice post. I like it" with a link back to a nice website/blog. I don't really mind those, especially if someone wants a backlink from my PR0 site.

Some comments are actually relevant and should not be included in spam. These people might get banned for spam by Akismet if I don't remove them. Then again, I'm not going to wade through a thousand pre-marked spam posts from Akismet. Which leads me to...

I think that blog owners have become overly sensitive to people leaving anchor text pointing back to the commenter's blog. I have made a number of very relevant, three paragraph blog comments, with my name and anchor text back to my blog as a signature. They go to moderation, and then the owner either trashes or spams my comment. So much for a "community of bloggers." This is probably due to the over-zealousness of some SEO teachers and blog commenting being used as a backlinking technique.

Please let me know if anybody has advice regarding these points. I don't want to get banned for blog commenting if I'm not spamming just because some blog owners have itchy trigger fingers.

Thanks much!

Lutzi :confused:
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    I don't have Akismet Activated, I always thought it was a waste.

    I use SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam. After using that plugin I have never receive not one spam at all. With that plugin I can always tell that all my readers are real and not a bot. You should use it.

    As for blogging on other blogs, as long as you make a big post with something related to their content than you shouldn't be banned.
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    Hi Lutzi... If you want to leave a non-spammy looking comment, then look for blogs that have CommentLuv installed.

    When you enter your name, e-mail, website/blog info before leaving a comment, CommenLuv finds your RSS feed and shows your last blog post at the end of your comment. Depending on the site, you might even able to choose which blog post you want to be displayed.

    You can also do a search for blogs that have KeywordLuv installed. KeywordLuv allows you to have anchor text as your name. So instead of your name showing up as "Lutzi Jones," it would show up as "Lutzi from Corporate Writing," or whatever you choose.

    I have both installed on my blog. If you want to see an example, look at my comments.

    Here's a list of blogs that are KeywordLuv enabled:
    KeywordLuv: How it Benefits Us All | GROWMAP.COM

    Here's a list of blogs that are CommentLuv enabled:
    180+ Blog Directory with commentluv enabled ~ TechPlus

    And another:
    CommentLuv | DoFollow Blog Directory & Compendium

    I can't speak for all blog owners, but I automatically delete any comments that have anchor text in the actual message. The 'click whirr' response in my brain automatically screams spammer.

    Hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by Lutzi View Post

      Hey Dahlia:

      Thanks much for all of the information on Keyword Luv. I have been considering putting this up. I actually want there to be a dialog. Not a dialog on Texas Hold'em, but on my blog topics. The fun of blogs, right?

      My comments are not spammy at all. They are just good comments on relevant blogs. I just use the anchor text linking back to my websites name under my signature. So, while it is anchor text, I thought this was a respectful way of leaving a "comment luv" like way for blog owners to check out my website as well as create a backlink.
      You're welcome Lutzi! I think the problem with leaving anchor text in the comment is that it's automatically associated with spam.

      By the way, even if a site doesn't have CommentLuv, people will still click on your name (which is linked to your blog). I did a comment on a blog without CommentLuv 4 months ago, and that comment still generates around 20 visitors a month to my blog.

      You just have to be consistent with your commenting efforts. The more you do it, the more traffic you get. But more importantly, the more you do it, the stronger your name grows within your niche.
      I write press releases that generate clicks, leads and sales. Great reviews!
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    Some blog owners do have itchy fingers, that's for sure. And once you have been labelled as a spammer by a blog owner, you are in akismet hell. It takes about six months to get out of that. During that time all your comments on a word press blog with akismet activated will go straight to the blog's spam holding place because akismet recognizes your IP. It isn't fair. To avoid that, you can leave comments behind a proxy.
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