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What are some of the new ways that people may use to help promote their websites in the future. What are also the best ways (currently) to generate traffic for their websites (blogs) currently. What are some of the most popular topics to write about currently?
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    Some other ways to promote your website which are unheard of are: getting a t-shirt with your website name on it. Also, if you are playing an Xbox Live game against someone or if you are playing an online game against someone, you can put your username as your website URL. Business cards also work well. Video traffic helps a lot, one marketer told me it's the wave of the future. But I think articles are pretty sufficient as well. Some of the popular topics to discuss pertain to the hottest technology currently being released. So mention freebie CPA offers if you are looking for something to write about. Stuff like, "how to get a free apple ipad", "how to get a free apple iphone 4" and so on.

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    You need to find out what the people in your target market wants to know about. Maybe something related to current affairs will attract traffic too. Try it.
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    the most effective way to promote your website is to build a lot of quality links and push it up in google. this is old and proven method that always worked and will work
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    Ranking on search engine is the best. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site but if you rank well in search engine with a good keyword, it will be best.
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    I create blogs on all topics and every niche does well on search engines. Backlinks is the most important thing for a site, mix the backlinks to see very good results.
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    .EDU backlinks is the best way to get traffic. I have a lot of websites in every profit niche, and i have good results..

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    I use Twitter and StumbleUpon, they get me more traffic than Google, and I'm not bad at SEO, after two years of learning it.
    Social Media Marketing Services
    Custom Facebook page design, Facebook Ads management, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google Plus, Instagram, social sharing, SEO, content production, video production, whatever you want.
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    offline marketing. print and distribute flyers
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      All I do is write articles for online/offline publications, and this alone generates massive targeted traffic in some of the hottest niches. There is no end in sight for this method. Moreover, it doesn't even cost anything.
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        How did you get started writing for online/offline publications? In your opinion, what are some of the hottest niches?
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    Here is my thought on what I see as the future trends.

    1. The rise of the authentic voice above the hype
    2. Mobile Internet - smart phones, tablets, laptops and ereaders take over from desktop computers

    Two trends that I am planning on tapping.
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