Have you done affiliate marketing for a physical product?

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Have you done affiliate marketing for a physical product? Is there any difference or pitfalls to be aware of?
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    I tried swimwear...failed.
    I tried cameras.....failed.
    I tried non-physical products...suceeded
    But there are tons of people who sell stuff off Amazon and Ebay and do well. Gotta do your research and find a product and keywords that have manageable competition.
    PS: there are people who sell some goofy stuff around the holidays, but they crank up their research and promotions well ahead of time...like now
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    The entire Amazon Affiliate is based on physical products. There is a ton of information here, they will be finding the right products. The typical guides will mostly highlight the same points:

    - Research search words related to the product checking volume & competition.
    - Choose a high value product ($75+) to make it worth it.
    - Try and get an Exact Match Domain being conscious of Trademark Issues and build a review site.
    - Write reviews providing additional information or pre-sell stuff.

    Just a small list but the process is pretty standard. How you market the sites will be key in the success.

    Look for WSO's, Completed Sites For Sale and the Affiliate Forum, there is much more information there.

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    Originally Posted by swilliams09 View Post

    Have you done affiliate marketing for a physical product?
    I have, and still do.

    Originally Posted by swilliams09 View Post

    Is there any difference or pitfalls to be aware of?
    It's a good question, and not one I've thought about very much.

    With the physical products I'm promoting, I'm doing so from exisiting affiliate niche sites (they were originally promoting ClickBank products only, but I've now added some physical products too, and I promote them by email, too, to the lists I build from those affiliate sites), so I more or less had my system up and running before I started promoting them. I haven't been aware of any particular problems or pitfalls so far, I must say. I was a little hesitant to start promoting them, but they're particularly high-quality ones, and the commissions I get from each are about the same as for the information products I normally promote. It seems to be working out well, so far.

    There may be specific factors relating to the vendors and payment methods, for specific products, of course - as with any affiliate promotions.
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    Here's a great thread about selling Amazon stuff:

    I added on that thread to try to sell things that are fairly small (so shipping isn't too expensive) and to look for things that you typically can't buy at your local Walmart, Best Buy or Homedepot.
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      There are actually numerous threads on Amazon affiliates doing exceptionally well selling physical products. More than 70% of the products I sell are physical products including Amazon and a few other specialty affiliate products. Nearly all sales are generated from direct email promotions to my lists in several dozen niches. As far as any pitfalls, I am not aware of any, being only an affiliate marketer.
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    I am very successful at the Home Improvement niche..
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