How to make a free report go viral?

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Here's the situation:

You have a good valuable free ebook that you give away on your site in exchange for an email opt-in.

It has it's own mini 'sales' page explaining all the good stuff about the book, with the opt-in on that page.

You want to build more email subscribers, but how do you get people who download the ebook who then read it to recommend it to friends, without them simply sending the free book over to them. Obviously you want those friends to opt-in too.

Any ideas for some kind of incentivised way of getting people to want to share the ebook's intro page with others?

Like for example, at the end of the ebook it says: Share this page with your friends and receive a second free report as a reward. (Is this even possible? software required?)

Make sense?

Thanks in advance
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    Good question, I was wondering the same thing. I'm sure lots of good answers will be given
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    I sure hope so *Waits enthusiastically*
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      there are lots of solutions to create viral pdfs. i would suggest a google search for viral pdf or viral pdf software.

      most work by allowing people to "brand" affiliate links in your ebook so they have some opportunity to make an affiliate sale and thus earn an income when they give the ebook to their list.

      but for list building there are a few solutions i have seen that use some advanced pdf scripting to "push" people to websites or open email capture popup pages when the pdf is opened.
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    First off it's going to be hard to get them to send their friends to your squeeze page...

    But you can utilize a Tell-a-friend script to accomplish that...

    But what you can do is create a squeeze page or a sales page to go with the ebook and include te GAR/MRR with the ebook and put links inside the ebook to a squeeze page of your own and hope that others will sell or give away the ebook and the readers will click through to your squeeze page and join your list...

    You can also submit the ebook to the free ebook directories...

    Hope this helps - Good Luck
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    You can also within the ebook mention that if they received this report from a friend but they haven't already signed up for the newsletter that they can send a blank e-mail to listname@ . Or you can setup a new signup page they can go to when they click from within the report (assuming they received it from their friend) and there you can offer an additional free report on a related topic. I think friends often don't want to send someone to a squeeze page so this can be an alternative.

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