What do you expect to contain the best WSO?

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i'm doing an research about the "best wso" because i want to make the best tool who help people to make money on the internet,so:

What do you expect to contain the best WSO?
sorry for my english
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    It's funny the thing about english and in your location you say UK.

    Anyway I'd like to know that as well because I run a wso myself and do my best to bring in more satisfied customers.

    I guess what most people want to know is how to actually start making money without having to waste their time. Or if you have something that will save them time like a service to offer, that could be good as well.

    The best advice I can give you is to try and think as the average member that goes in there and looks for something. Think about what he/she would want and do your best at delivering that.

    All the best,
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    Folks, the discussion sections are not to be used for product research this way. Threads like this almost always devolve into promotions for whatever product you decide to create. Not to mention there's likely to be someone who's got faster programmers who'll do the thing before you get to it.

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