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Hello, My name is Wajid abbasi. I just want to introduce my self it this portal.Also who is there can help me about make money!
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    Welcome to the forum!
    You won't get help by posting threads like this. Tell us what you've done so far to make money. You may clear your doubts and ask for a help on a particular subject.

    Like, 'How can I get accepted in CPA networks?'

    Join War Room in this forum, you'll get help on TONS of topics. There is also a forum which is called 'Warrior Special Offers Forum'. There is a lot of stuff there which is really knowledgeable and can be bought on dirt cheap price. Buy a WSO and implement it. This is a great forum and there are a lot of topics to learn from. Keep browsing the forum and join useful forums here.
    Have a great day!

    - Steve
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    Hello there and welcome. If you are new to internet marketing browse around and look at each section and read about it. Find something that you think you would like to do then learn everything you can about it.
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    Welcome Wajid. It's great you've entered the world of online marketing.

    Here's the truth only a few people have the heart to reveal: most people will never make money because they never take action on what they read.

    Show us that you're part of the few who take FAST ACTION on what you read (meaning you read something, then immediately put it into action), ask around for help as you go, and you'll see more wealth and rewards than most of the population will see in their lifetime.
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    Brad here. Welcome. For what it is worth, my opinion is 1) put your wallet away and 2) study the free stuff first.

    There are a ton of systems and folks on the internet and some are quite good and other equally bad. I am a huge fan of Chris Farrell's he has exceptional training in all aspects of web site business. He has special emphasis in the social media like facebook. He works with other associates and has exceptional videos. He has some with Jo Barns on FaceBook that can not be matched - in my opinion.

    Another one I think highly of is Yaro Starak - a blogger from Australia. Excellent training and free materials. His sites are legend and very instructional.

    No better all around site than Internet Business Mastery Dot Com. Jay and Sterling are fantastic. They have a FREE PODCAST in ITunes. You get fresh and relevant information every week or so that you can put right to use.

    I follow their work closely and continue to listen and relisten to their casts in my drives and trips.

    Take your time - decide what matches your personality and desires. My experience was that I eventually found trainers who just "clicked" with me.

    Chris Farrell is a former UK radio personality - that makes him a very effective communicator in my opinion. More important to me - he does the work right on the video. Every bit of his training is reproducable. I have used the FileZilla and Kompozer in his stuff and found it saved my lunch more than once in other projects.

    This is for what it is worth - but I hope my experience is helpful. One last site you can check may be IMReportCard.Com. They have reviews of various programs that you can read and digest.

    BTW you will see Chris Farrell is ranked number one month-after-month by hundreds of very complementary folks - I am no exception and if anything may be a little reserved compared to some of the raving fans he has.

    Best of luck to you - just keep searching - the right mix will appear for your shortly.

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