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by philt
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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me please.

I have a ton of Master copy videos of IM guru's at seminars which I have the resale and redistribution rights to, maybe as many as a hundred.
In packages of 20 Dvd's, 5 Dvd's and singular packs etc...

What I need to know is there away i can transfer them on to my computer and upload them as mp4 or whatever.

I think they would be great to sell, I could either sell them as hard copies(i.e post them) and/or online which would be far easier.

I received them from £199 per month course which was from a very well known Internet Marketer, but I couldn't complete the course due to finance and he let me keeps the products with rights.

if anybody has any ideas on how to distribute or resell them I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your time.
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