Your thoughts - Can anyone do Internet Marketing?

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I would like Warrior's thoughts on the question in my title. 'Can anyone do internet marketing?'.

There are many reports/ebooks, even some WSO's that claim 'anyone could do this' and it got me thinking about the people in my circle and how I couldn't imagine any of them doing this.

The reason why I ask this question is because I have flirted with IM on and off for years and not a single one of my friends, family or ex-colleagues (I no longer have a job as I am travelling) really know about this world. I don't keep what I do to myself, so if I am working on something people will know.

I know there are many sides to Internet Marketing but when thinking of some friends I can't even begin to think what they could do, it sounds like I have no faith in them but I really do and maybe I am looking at IM in the wrong way. Or I just have friends that are completely different to me

What are your thoughts? Can you imagine your friends/family doing this? What things can you imagine them doing?

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    No, not everyone can do this. More specifically, those who can't finish one task...

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    I am sorry, but I do not believe that "anyone" can do IM as I believe it takes a certain type of personality.
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    No. A lot of people are not suited to work for themselves, online or offline. If you aren't self-disciplined, an eager and quick learner, an idea person ... it's not for you.

    Look at how many are looking for the magic blueprint ...
    There is no magic blueprint.

    You have to find it within yourself.
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      Indeed you'd think that they would eventually figure it out, yet many still search for the secret software lol.

      w/e let the software sellers feed them.

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    I'm the same way with my family. Actually I take that back, there are a few that could probably do this stuff.

    But I usually keep it all to myself.

    Anyway, to answer your question: I think MOST people really don't have what it takes. Most don't have the discipline to learn how to sell, OR take consistent action.

    Both of which are required for success in ANY business. Especially a competitive, fast moving business like internet marketing.
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    It takes a certain kind of person to be successful with Internet Marketing (or marketing in general). This is right in line with every other profession on the planet. Not everyone can be an astronaut, a football player (), the President, and all of that other crap.

    The world needs ditch diggers and fry cooks too lol.
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      Originally Posted by Joe128139 View Post

      It takes a certain kind of person to be successful with Internet Marketing (or marketing in general). This is right in line with every other profession on the planet. Not everyone can be an astronaut, a football player (), the President, and all of that other crap.

      The world needs ditch diggers and fry cooks too lol.

      Don't know if I completely agree with this statement. I have been successful at forest firefighting (5 years), retail sales (6 years), musician (all my life), ditch digging, drywall, and a fry cook. Now studying critical theory and philosophy, network management and learning internet marketing as well.

      I'm also into carpentry, auto mechanics and thinking about getting into acting.

      I think that your reply is a little closed minded in the sense that you answer in a really general way that almost points to class systems and the ideology that we were designed to be either something simple like a ditch digger or something great like a president.

      I think the whole nature versus nurture argument could come into play here. Way too much to go into and not valuable for Warrior Forum as a discussion. But just wanted to point that out.
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    As with any business, you have to have self discipline to take the resources that are available to you and allocate them correctly to end with a finished product.
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    Well, I believe even though IM is NOT rocket science, it does take a lot of discipline that not EVERYBODY has or is willing to work towards attaining.

    So, no, anyone cannot do IM.
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    From reading people's answers it's nice to see that the majority think the same thing that I do. I think that a lot of my friend's go around with blinkers on and wouldn't want to put in the time and effort to work on something like this!!
    ICF Accredited Life Coach
    Health & Wellness Consultant

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    I think they probably CAN...but they probably won't.

    There are so many variations of IM that most people could find something they could do. Whether it's a blog about knitting or offering a service or making silly videos; there is probably something for everyone. Whether they could make a full-time living at it is a different story. But I think most people could make extra money at the very least.

    However, the reason most people won't isn't lack of creativity or ability; it's lack of thinking and acting on their own. Too many people think like employees. They want someone right beside them telling them what to do every step of the way. They also want a guarantee. "If you do this for exactly 6 months then you'll be making $1,000 a week." Running your own business has no guarantees. Of course, what people are learning the hard way in our current economy, is that even long-term jobs don't have much security.
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      Originally Posted by Rose Anderson View Post

      Too many people think like employees. They want someone right beside them telling them what to do every step of the way.
      Very true and well said. If one thinks this way they definitely aren't going to make it in IM. It's sad really because Americans especially have lost the independence that used to be our whole spirit. When it comes down to it, at least I know for me, IM is about breaking the chains of corporate slavery. Although it is still a part of this huge corporate world an IM can control his/her own destiny right from the seat of their comp desk at home or on the couch while watching Party Down on Netflix!!!! lol.

      What I mean is that the idea of passive income is attractive to all of us because we can get a little piece of this capitalistic pie we have all come to need for survival, while still maintaining our own lives at home. Making time for the things we value like family, friends and leisure.

      If one is satisfied with just going in to the grind from 9-5 then they prob aren't going to have the drive it takes to keep this up.

      If they yearn for something different like those struggling actors on Party Down, then at least they have a chance!.....I like to think I have a chance!!
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    I have some friends saying they can't stand sitting in front of the computer, others
    saying they would rather carry heavy loads than study, not everyone is suited for this,
    same with any other job out there.
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    I think most people could do this - but it takes motivation, persistence and self- discipline. So if they unfortunately dont have those traits in their offline 'real' world then they are unlikely to do well in IM.

    ...Unless of course they find a topic or idea they are passionate about and perhaps blog about it and monetize their blog. But that's labour intensive!

    As the old saying goes ' you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!' = you can give someone a keyword and broadband but they'll probably just surf rather than do'

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    Like every other job in life, everyone can do it. The problem is that not everyone can be successful at it. I can play football but I'd never make it in the NFL. I can also perform manufacturing jobs but the boredom would probably want to make me kill myself.
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    Yeah... not everyone is fit for this type of business. I don't think it is really just ONLINE like others mentioned but also 'offline'. I think it comes down to motivation, focus and determination to make something out of almost nothing. If you lack one of these it may be much harder for you to be successful at IM.
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    I think it is just like any other skill. Some people can do and some can't. However it does require education and practice to get good at it. It is just the same as other kinds of skills. You don't become a truck driver just because you feel like driving a truck. It takes some skill, education and practice.
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    To answer your question OP - No, not even close... This business is not for everyone like many others have already said.

    Some people just can't "take the lead" and need constant direction. They can't take someone's advice and then go implement it without someone waiting for the end result. Those types of people are better suited to work for someone else.

    Others are born leaders that would rather fail on their own trying things for themselves than to be told what to do or be constrained by someone elses thoughts and ideas. These types of people are innovators and will blaze new trails and find their way.

    Then there are those who are so sick and tired of their day job so they turn to the internet looking for something better, something to improve their life. They find Internet Marketing and it appeals to them. They struggle but they work hard and eventually find their way. They have "mad" skills to offer but are not business savvy in the beginning. They either learn what they need to make a good living or they team up with a partner and grow their business.

    This business takes a lot of guts, determination and strength and a willingness to learn at every step no matter how much money you're making.
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    No, you need skill, patience, experience and will to succeed in this industry.
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    If you want to succeed in IM, you need to focus. You cannot just flirt with it because that will not make you any money. Things are always changing in IM so you need to keep abreast of the changes for example, traffic mehtods that worked last year or just 6 months ago do not work anymore. You also need to be on email lists so that you get updates but not too many because you do not want to spend all your time reading emails. You also need to implement the things you learn or you will be one broke perpetual student!
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    Most of it's been mentioned. Perseverance, dedication and focus are all the key players. It also takes the will to learn, ambition, thick skin (you get rejected before you get accepted) and wit.

    I think something that is a key motivator, though not for everyone, is outcome. There's a particular sense of satisfaction you get when you undergo an IM venture and it pays out. When it happens once, you kind of want to make it happen again. . . and again. Oh and the bank account after quite a few agains is pretty nice, too.
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    I believe that anyone can do it..

    It's like any skill just practice practice and learn from your failures..

    Of course, some people will take more time than others..


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    Can anyone became a teacher, plumber or stock broker? Probably anyone can. The question is how good he or she will be at it and if this person will enjoy this job. Same goes for IM. I think anyone can do it, but not everyone will be interested ))) Some people need face to face communication with others and IM it's definitely not that kind of activity lol
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    No, they can't

    Unless you're talking about under $5000 a year. I assume, however, that you're talking about making a living. Very few people can do it.

    The biggest problem is TIME

    • People don't give themselves (or can not afford to give themselves) time to learn. This could be because they are simply too impatient or because they are sick of the job they currently have or suddenly find themselves without a job. If you spend some money on a good guide then you'll speed up the process. However, many people are reluctant to spend money or rush into multiple wasted purchases and then run out of money. If you don't pay for an IM education you'll waste time. If you don't take the time to find the right guide for you you'll waste time and money.
    • People who have a full-time job or are in education don't have the hours in the day to put in the time needed to make a success of IM. You can't do 8 hours a day at work, and futher hours traveling to and from work, plus all your daily tasks and chores and then put in another 8 hrs IM work - there just isn't the time. Any more that 2 or 3 hrs a day online work on top of all your other work is impossible. You can try but you'll burn out.
    • People who decide to take the plunge and do IM full-time often make the mistake of trying to be a one-man-band (or one-women-orchestra) and don't have enough time in the day to build their businesses to the point of making serious money. Everything is just too slow and by 'hiring yourself' to do menial task you are paying way over the odds for these services.

    The only solution is to:

    • Get yourself an IM education. This can be achieved by doing the research yourself, on this forum and elsewhere, or by purchasing a good text book or IM study program. Another approach is Mentoring. You must expect this process to take a realistic amount of time. It's not just about quickly reading some guidebook or taking a mentor's advice but to see for yourself what works and what doesn't.
    • Don't give up the day job. Unless you have saved up one year total income (that is, if you currently earn $16,000 a year at Burger King you need to have $16,000 in the bank before you hang up your apron and cap). You won't start making money straight away and you won't be making enough to cover rent for months. Besides that 'added pressure' just forces you to panic and rush out work. You'll find yourself wasting time just worrying about your income.
    • Outsource as much as possible. Doing everything yourself is just too slow. Ask yourself how much you'd like to be earning, an hour, from IM. If you don't outsource, that figure is what you'll be paying per hour if you 'hire yourself' to do the job. That means, if you earn $40 a hour from IM and you spend an hour uploading articles to Ezine - you just paid 'someone' $40 to upload articles.
    The reason why not just anyone can do Internet Marketing is because most people don't have the time or the time management skills to succeed.
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    I think if you are focused and determined you can make it in the IM market. It is not any different from any other industry, you just need to be persistent. Good Luck!
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    Hi Emma

    I was struggling with IM for several years.
    After spending a fortune on scams,I came across a site that offered a free video course.I later signed up and I was able to set up a web business on auto.I am now concentrating on driving traffic to my site.
    As a fellow member says if you are focussed and determined you can do it.
    If you PM me I will give you the link to the free course
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    The question should have been: "Can anyone start and run a business?"

    And the answer would be "No!". Why?

    Because they are not willing to do what it takes.

    "IM" (as most people view it) is a myth, as I keep stressing. People say it has low entry barriers - yeah, so do a lot of casinos and gambling houses.

    You must focus on marketing and building a successful business, and integrate internet into it. Otherwise you'll just be a member of the frustrated people's club.
    "Those who can - DO IT. Those who can't, say it's impossible."
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    The short answer is no. Many people need structure because they don't have the self discipline that is required.
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    I believe your friends CAN do IM if you are willing to show them the way. Can they write? Can they thinking analytically? Can they use a computer? I don't see WHY they can't except the fact that they do not want to. There is a difference between CAN and WON'T.

    Unless the person has a disability - mentally or physically. I seriously do not see why anyone CAN'T do IM.

    Sit your friend in front of a computer and walk them through the steps of creating a website putting up some ads, and building some links. Hold their hands if you have too!

    Sometimes all someone needs is that first dollar to convince them you can "make money online".
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    Anyone can do anything

    Just takes time and alot of learning

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    Can anyone do internet marketing? No, not "anyone" can. But anyone who wants to do the time, do the work, do the research, is focused and committed, and treats it like a business and not a hobby, well, they have a fair chance in making it.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    Originally Posted by TravellingMissie View Post

    I would like Warrior's thoughts on the question in my title. 'Can anyone do internet marketing?'.
    Can anyone juggle?

    I can.

    I'd say pretty much anyone with two working hands and reasonable hand-eye coordination can, too.

    But it takes practice. Lots of practice. And the average person is simply not going to do that practice.

    Most children, at some point in their lives, will pick up three balls and give juggling a shot. And it won't work, and they won't really know why, and they'll say "I can't juggle."

    And for most of them, that is the last time they will ever try it.

    Similarly, if you go talk to your family and friends, you will find that most of them - at some point in their lives - toyed with the idea of taking a sales and marketing job where they got to "write their own paycheck" by earning fat commissions with simple work.

    Maybe it was Amway, or Quixtar, or some other MLM. Maybe it was a telemarketing job, or selling cars, or the Olympic Sales Club. Maybe they even sold GRIT door to door.

    But when they tried, for some reason they decided "I can't sell/market" and - like juggling - that was the last time they ever tried it.

    So no, your neighbours can't juggle knives. But that's because before they ever got to knives, they'd already decided they couldn't juggle. Knife-juggling doesn't interest them, because they already know they can't juggle.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    I am glad to know that not all of us can do IM because if that's the case, it's really hard to earn money.

    There will be lots of competition.

    In my own opinion, IM gurus would definitely love if there will be a number of new newbies will be joining IM for their products and services will be in demand again and again.

    Once more, just my 2 cents.
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    Yes, just some people can do it better than others, just like anything.
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    If you want to succeed in IM you have to have the right mindset! Stop looking for the push button riches and actually put some effort into your work!

    Treat it as a business, because that is what it is!

    Some people dabble, with this and that and get bored, frustrated and just give up!

    It aint easy, but hey what is?

    Think Big & Don't Listen To People Who tell You It Can't Be Done....Life's Too Short To Think Small!

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    No. Not every one can do IM.

    You have to learn to diligently apply what you learn, be painstaking and be prepared to persevere and be resilient. And also, you must be determined to succeed. Also passion too is keen.
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    If someone has the passion and desire to succeed in something, it is definitely possible. The question is how much does he/she want it?
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    Proof that "just anyone" can't succeed at IM - all of the threads here labeled "how do I make money?" or "why is my website not getting any traffic?"

    IM is one of those things that most people *think* they can do because it looks easy. I mean, we all have internet access, so, clearly, we can all build websites sell things online right? You would never look at a brain surgeon and think "I can do that!", but you see people making good money online and you think you can do it, too.

    In reality (like some of the others have pointed out), IM requires actual skill. You need to be able to motivate yourself without a boss standing over your shoulder, you need to be able to pick your own path without straying to all of the "shiny objects" that you see, you need to understand your target audience and how to best serve them, and you have to understand that success is not immediate. Lots of people can't do those things.
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    Most people don't have the drive to put in consistent work over a long period of time, which is what's required for IM. I consider myself very disciplined, but even I have an issue with it.
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    No, in internet marketing it is a matter of doing the right things. It is the key element. Take action on the right things (and don't worry about being a perfectionist) and you WILL see magnificent things happen.

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    I think my reply could be valuable here in that I'm a fairly newb internet marketer who hasn't really seen much income yet. I would say that internet marketing first requires some marketing skills in general. If you don't understand sales and marketing in the offline world, you probably won't understand online marketing either. They really do go hand in hand.

    Also, I think you need to be to be a do-it-yourself type of person. I am a self learner and through the process of being interested in making passive income I have learned so many valuable skills that I know I will use in and out of the marketing world.

    I started by going to blog sites on the web (blogger, etc) and quickly learned that I needed to self-host my own domains to do this right. That may sound easy to some, but it took me a few months of researching, learning, and trial and error to figure out the ins and outs of this. Not to mention SEO!! Which is still a work in progress for me.

    All in all I know all these skills will be valuable to me and I also enjoy the sense of pride I get from knowing I can do things on my own.

    Someone else said that you need to be an idea person which I agree with. I think this means that you are creative and think conceptually, which is what marketing is all about. Marketing and psychology go hand in hand for a reason, and you have to be adept a one to grasp the other.

    I think that the answer is no, not anyone can make it in IM. Many will and do give up before they get it. So I guess you can't rule out persistence as a deciding factor either.

    Last, you have to like Mad Men. If you don't I'm sure you won't make it
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    I am from India and internet marketing is dam new out here. Infact when I try to explain someone as to what I am doing they really get confused. My friends and relatives are in offline jobs and business and this internet thing is really new to almost everyone here whom I have met. They really get impressed when I tell them that I am working from home in India and earning money in dollars, it makes me proud sometimes. However IM is something that is very popular in US and most of my IM friends are in US, I guess there it will be common if someone tells that their profession is 'Internet Marketing'. Hopefully this will spread in other countries...

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    While I do believe in people's capacity for learning, I don't think everyone can be brilliant at everything.

    Some people are better employees than business owners. Some don't have the discipline to work on their business every day. Some people are great with tasks they are given, but flounder when they have to come up with their own business and marketing ideas.

    Nothing wrong with this, it is just how we are. So it is important for people to find their strengths, master their craft and to find either a career or build a business with them.

    Internet marketing is not for everyone in my opinion.
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    I think certain people have more potential to be successful. You can not just work 50% doing this. It literally needs to be a dedication to see any kind of success.
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    • Profile picture of the author Angelman
      This has been a really interesting thread for me. I am very much still in the learning rather than the action phase, and I have set myself until the end of the school holidays this Summer to complete my primary research. I have already learned so much, both good and bad.

      So, as yet I have no idea if I, personally, have what it takes to be successful in this game, but I am feeling fired up and I do feel the need for a change in what I am doing with my work and my career. I won't deny that having read that "anyone can do IM" didn't give me some confidence to reach out and try and learn more about this whole scene, but then you have to be realistic and understand that it is a hard path ahead, that will take time and hard work. I am not short of time, nor am I afraid of hard work, so hopefully I already have some of the ingredients to give this a good go.


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      • Profile picture of the author FuriousStyles
        The fact is that not everyone actually wants to do IM!

        I had an interest in it from the day i discovered it was possible, and over many many years this interest did not fade. I doubted myself at times, but because i had a genuine interest I never gave up. So eventually turned it into a full-time job/business.

        Most of my friends are not even interested in what I do, but do comment often on how "lucky" i have been, and how I "always land on my feet" but at no point has any of them showed any interest in doing what I do. They are all chasing their own dreams, and for many it does not involve IM, but if it did I'm sure they could be successful.
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    That is an awesome question, and I love some of the replies.

    I think that in reality, yes anyone that can work a computer, that can send and receive email, that can watch a video. Anyone that can learn... can do IM. The interesting part about the question is that, it is a question within that question.

    Can anyone actually make a living doing Internet Marketing?

    Can anyone make a living as a Real Estate Agent or Broker?

    Can anyone make a living as a Stock Trader or Broker?

    Can anyone make a living as an Offline Consultant? (To me takes different skill-sets then online)

    Can anyone make a living as an Account or CPA?

    Of the course the list can go on and on and on...

    Well you get the idea. I didn't mention Sports, Acting, Singing or music....

    I listed the above occupations because those are all things that can be taught or learned, and may not require any real in-born natural talent. Skills can be aquired. But like someone mentioned above... it takes a certain personality type to make those various Jobs / Businesses work.

    That is one of the reasons that I'll venture to say that hundreds of people look into IM to make some quick cash and possibly earn a living at it; only to become disillusioned, when they find out that they actually have to do some real work, and that everyone who has made any real long term money is now informing them that they must build a real business to make a living.

    It's really fascinating.

    I believe that we are all pieces in the puzzle of life... and some are just lucky enough to find out where they fit sooner than others. (If at all)
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    Sister, consider yourself apart of an elite few of people who understand a world that would sound like a second language to smartest of scholars. Fact is, most if not all your friends and family WILL NEVER understand what it is you do and this industry is not fit for everyone. Some people should stick to their day jobs. Once you get that riches are not overnight and IT WILL take a lot of hard work and learning to get this to work, you be OK.
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    Theoretically, yes I think anyone could do IM.

    Realistically, no. It takes a very persistant mindset and strong willpower to pull it off.

    I would say a good 6 months of learning and implementing what you learn before you really start to see how it works. A lot of people I know couldn't handle this learning curve or time requirement.

    Everyone is interested in making money online, but very few want to do the work to get there.
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    Like everyone else has said, it's a resounding "no".

    There are a lot of qualities that go into being an entrepreneur - taking risk, patience, using initiative, standing against opposition (friends/family, mostly)... the list goes on.

    If anyone's heard the "Standford Mashmellow Experiment", I think this is closely related. I got this from Wikipedia and got excerpts:

    The Stanford marshmallow experiment was a study on deferred gratification. The experiment was conducted in 1972 by psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford University.[1] The experiment has been repeated many times since, and the original study at Stanford has been "regarded as one of the most successful behavioural experiments".[2] In the study, a marshmallow was offered to each child. If the child could resist eating the marshmallow, he was promised two instead of one. The scientists analyzed how long each child resisted the temptation of eating the marshmallow, and whether or not doing so had an effect on their future success.[3] The results provided researchers with great insight on the psychology of self control.
    It was the results of the follow-up study, that would take place many years later, which surprised Mischel. Since Mischel's daughters knew and grew up with many of the original test subjects, through casual conversation, Mischel discovered there existed an unexpected correlation between the results of the marshmallow test, and the success of the children many years later.[4] The first follow-up study, in 1988, showed that "preschool children who delayed gratification longer in the self-imposed delay paradigm, were described more than 10 years later by their parents as adolescents who were significantly more competent". A second follow-up study, in 1990, showed that the ability to delay gratification also correlated with higher SAT scores.[1]

    That's why the majority of people are constantly on the lookout for the get rich quick pill... and will NOT make it.

    It sounds bad, but I think anyone can develop the qualities needed for success.

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      Can anyone do internet marketing?

      My answer: No Way! anyone can try, but to succeed in IM, you have to be motivated, disciplined, focused, able to overcome challenges and disappointments and most importantly you have to work HARD!

      Because of all those things, there is a short list of IM'ers that actually make a good living.
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        Originally Posted by Mgriff View Post

        Because of all those things, there is a short list of IM'ers that actually make a good living.
        That's good right?? Less competition and more customers! (would be IM'ers buying how to IM products). It's funny that IMing about IM is the biggest money maker.

        It's also amazing how that you view the internet completely differently after you start learning IM. If you're smart you start reverse engineering other websites, which I think another key factor in "making it" or finding success.
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    Not everyone can do Internet Marketing, but most people have heard and read about the Internet Marketing. I do believe that not all people have what it takes to do Internet Marketing since it requires patience, persistency, hard work and a lot of time to study and learn the basics from it. And a lot of people don't have this discipline needed to do some Internet Marketing business.
    Most people who tried to do Internet Marketing, since they were persuaded by claims that they could earn some large amount of money from doing online business. But as a result of having this easy money thoughts, most of them quit since they felt and experience that they were not earning and it took them some time to really start earning. Some of them quit because they were earning small figures, that they haven't realized that we all starts to earn small and then eventually, as we master the basics, we then increased our earnings.
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    I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Only problem is ppl tend to give up way to easy...

    So yes, anyone can do internet marketing...The catch is not everyone can deal with failing and then learning from your failure and moving on!

    'One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.'

    - Henry Ford

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      Originally Posted by jtimes View Post

      I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Only problem is ppl tend to give up way to easy...

      So yes, anyone can do internet marketing...The catch is not everyone can deal with failing and then learning from your failure and moving on!
      IM is similar to going into business for yourself, or taking on some entrepreneurial venture, in this regard - whether you believe you can or can't do it, you're absolutely right.

      It's not a job or a guaranteed paycheck, and you'll have to be able to accept the inevitable failure that you'll encounter along the way. It's basically just like going into business for yourself, and you'll have to be prepared to shoulder the responsibility for the success (or failure) of your business - as no one else will.

      Absolutely no one is going to push or coerce you to do this, and you'll definitely have to be self-driven and extremely motivated, as there'll be many obstacles along the way to success in internet marketing.
      >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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