Whats up with You-tube?

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I have noticed my video traffic has ceased for my popular videos and the search engine pulls up meaningless junk for searches. Anyone else notice this?
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    Got a virus? Get the TDSSkiller (free) and it will wipe out any redirect viruses (along with a lot of others). Just google it. Um....if you can. If I get a few minutes I'll come back here with the download link in case you are being redirected and can't get the download page (it's a Kipersky (sp?) prouduct)

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    Sometimes youtube had periods of time where the visits aren't updated for awhile, sometimes days. You'd have to be more specific on time-frame, I haven't had any problems on my channel.
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    It is working normally. I had used it yesterday and checked it now also.
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      It is working fine for me as well..could be a virus?
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    Maybe you pissed off the big bad Google. After all,, they own it.


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    It has nothing to do with YouTube, but yes you have a virus if you pull up google, and it goes to random crap sites. Get into safemode, and update and run Malwarebytes.
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    Ok! The main issue is my popular videos are not getting traffic anymore. I just thought that maybe You-tube search engine had an issue.

    Thanks for clarifying
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