What's your "study-to-action" ratio?

by sirtom
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Hey all,

Just wondering...

How much studying of IM info/products do you do, compared to actually digging in and taking action? (If you had to put a timeframe on it..)

I ask my students and peers this a lot, and if you're struggling or falling behind (or not making a red cent), then you seriously need to consider this.

I found that most of my students that were having a hard time with things were studying EQUAL TO OR MORE than they were taking action. Heck, some people were ONLY studying and going through courses, they weren't even applying anything of what they learned!

There's a lot of reasons for that...
  • You don't think you understand enough to take action
  • You don't feel "prepared"
  • You want to know for sure what to do so you don't mess up
  • You don't want to do things wrong

That's fair.

But you know what? When you study study study and never apply anything, you won't ever get a single step further ahead.

Studying without immediate action is really just a form of procrastination.

That's a tough lesson to learn, and it involves some self reflection and becoming conscious of what you do.

As for me, for every hour period I "study" or go through information, I force myself to spend between 1-2 hours immediately afterward applying.

That gets me ahead of people. It helps me create and FINISH products, helps make money, helps grow my business. It also conditions me to break the mold of "I can't" and instead form business-building habits that will actually lead you down a path.

So, moral of the short story:

You can study information until you're blue in the face. But all that studying does NOTHING until you apply some of it. Hell, apply ALL of it. Take a step.

Because you know what?

Even if you're unsure about where you're stepping or if you're going in the wrong direction, you're at least that much farther away from "Square One".

Action Steps!

1) Chart what you do on a daily and weekly basis. Find out how much time you spend going through information compared to how much time you spend implementing that information.
Note: You want to know what one of the most consistent methods of losing weight is? Straight up calorie counting. Becoming conscious of what you eat. Same principles work here. When you become conscious of your behavior, it's easier to make changes.

In the words of Tim Ferris (who I don't even think came up with this), "What doesn't get measured doesn't get improved".
2) Start with a small goal (preferably 30-minute increments). For every 30 minutes you study information, apply what you learned for a 30-minute time period. Build this out over time, but keep the ratio at 50:50, or even apply MORE than you study.

3) Take action! It doesn't matter what you're doing. There's tons of guides and products out there that work. The only missing element to their "not working for you" is your lazy habits and not putting the material into action.

Start doing this, and I guarantee you'll see more results in 2 weeks than you have in the last 6 months.

To your first hundo,
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    That's very well said Tom, most of the people hesitate to take action due to various reasons but they failed to realize that there is no point in learning, learning & learning if you are not taking any action. to get the most out of your learning phase, you must take action on the basis of your findings in a particular study and when you made a mistake that's where you learn in reality.

    Experience comes with mistakes and you can't go further if you are afraid that you might made a mistake if you are going to take an action.

    As per Niels Bohr
    "An expert is the one who has made all the mistakes that can be made"
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