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How popular is golf as a topic for blogs? Any ideas?
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    I haven't looked, but being a globally popular sport, I'd imagine it's very popular.

    — Melanie (RD)

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      Enormously popular.

      Putting the word "golf" into Google Blogsearch seems to produce 142,000,000 results. (That doesn't mean that 142,000,000 people have golf blogs, of course ... but it does indicate that they're extremely popular!).
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  • Its pretty popular, or so I think.....
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    I would agree, Golf being a widely recognized sport locally and internationally would be a good topic for blogging, not to mention that the popularity of Golf is going up and has not yet reached its peak.

    Interest in the sport has come a long way and blogging about it would be a good idea.

    Cheers and good luck
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    Should it be narrowed to something like golf in Thailand? That is where I am now.
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    I would narrow it even further. Golf is a super competitive niche and it is a hard niche to make money in. However, there are many more specific niches in golf that are money makers. Narrow it down and put up a blog about something much more specific.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      Yeah I think it may have to be super specific.
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