Should I buy this domain name? (advice needed)

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I just received an email from someone in my market who wants to sell me his domain name.

It seems like a good domain name: the keyword phrase in the domain name gets over 90,000 searches, broad match. However, phrase match gets only 320 and exact match gets 210 per month.

The phrase directly relates to my website and I'm wondering if this domain would be worth buying to direct traffic to my main site.

Can you offer me some advice about this? What factors should I weigh? What else should I be considering?

The price being asked is $500, which I'm sure is negotiable. Thanks for any help.
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      Originally Posted by Rickie View Post

      I would see how well it is ranked in google.
      What's the best/easiest way for me to do this? Thanks.
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    I like the ideas to buy the domain which have good searches everymonth
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    Here's where I am on this.

    It depends, as mentioned above, if the domain is already ranked or not. If it was I'd certainly do some more digging.

    I mean, 320 searches a month is around 10 per day so say you might get a 50% CR from the SERPS you'd be looking at 5 visits per day.

    What stopping you adding more posts, more keywords and climbing to 20-30 per day and onward? If you can start building a list or monetizing it with Adsense it'd be worth it.

    If this is a niche you want to try and dominate I'd definetely by it up just to get more reach. I'm always looking to increase the real estate of my business.

    That's my take on it.


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    I wouldn't pay $500 for 210 per month exact match. I think you could find a better keyword domain that costs less money.
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    Try to figure out what kind of money you can make with the site. If all you can do is make the site rank for 210 exact matches then probably best to leave it alone. But if you can use the site to rank several keywords with it that are profitable then it may be worth it.

    For example:
    exact matches: 91 (local)

    But try to rank it for other keywords also:
    dog training supplies: 880
    dog training: 33K

    The question is can you rank for these keywords also with the EMD? Even if the domain keyword doesn't get that much traffic you can still use it to get traffic. It really comes down to a business decision, if you think you can make more money than you spend by buying the domain then go for it. If you don't think the deal is profitable then leave it alone.
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    Me either. That's way too expensive. $500 dollars can do a lot for your domain.
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