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Hi guys i would like to ask to some more experienced guy than me something about making money.
I don't wish to know any secret or any trick i just wish to know what is the process.
Put that you build a blog and put that you have a nice traffic on that blog say an example 1000 1500 visit a day( is it a good number or it is a little number).I don't have any product to promote i mean i'm not selling my product.
Now what do i do with this blog ...i redirect people to products related to my blog and make money with the percent of sales like an associate?do i make money with people clicking on the links PPC,do i make money with people advertising on my blog.Do you review products and sending the people to buy those products?I repeat i do not wish any secret formula.
I wish simply to know what is the mechanism to make money with a blog.
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    There are several avenues to take with a blog to make money...

    Adsense: Get paid for people clicking on ads embedded in your site. (Google Adsense)

    CPA: Require users to sign up to an offer that the CPA company offers or use content lockers and give users something in return for them signing up. (CPALead, LeadBolt, PerrFly, etc..)

    Affiliate Marketing: Promote products that are offered on sites like amazon or clickbank with articles, reviews, or banners, etc. Get a cut of the profit when someone buys the product. (Clickbank, Amazon)

    Site Filpping: Build a great site and get traffic for it then try to sell it on Flippa or other site selling websites. (Flippa)

    Sell Your Product: Make an Ebook or other product and sell it on your site through Paypal or a Merchant Account. (Paypal)
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    can I ask you what is considered a good website traffic i mean 1000 people daily 1500?
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      I think the number of people visiting your website is not as important as having a few visitors that convert. Making money with those visitors is what it is about so a few targeted visitors are better than thousands of browsing visitors who are just passing through. Don't worry about the numbers but about the percentage that converts to sales.
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    "BinaryQuest" provided a number of options that will probably work on your site. I would add eBay products (eBay Partner Network) to the list.

    Some publishers report making more money from eBay than they do from Amazon or AdSense.

    But you will have to test, because it depends on the niche of your site and the type of visitors that you get.
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      If the blog is based around some type of product that ebay carries then try ebay CPA offers on blogs have a hard time converting unless they are targeted offers
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    Others may have a different opinion, but if I was getting 1000+ visits a day to a blog of mine, I'd be happy.




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    I miss something for this reason im curious to know by other successfull people.I had 1800 visitors in me new website well in a month i did not make one i say one cent i dont have subscribers either also if i offer a ebook for free,I sont have a squeeze page may be thats my mistake.
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    Monetize with google adsense or yahoo publishers. That can be the best way to earn more money.
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    Hey Filippot51,

    Here is a simple overview of the Process:

    1. Choose your profitable Niche (whatever it is you are going to offer/sale)
    2. Choose Keywords (long tail keywords will work for what you are building)
    3. Build a blog, adding relevant content to your niche
    4. Use your keywords in the title of your blog
    5. Use your keywords in the title and body of your blog articles ( Don't over do it though)
    6. Make sure that your articles actually give some value related to your niche.
    7. Use your blog and articles to link to whatever it is your offering.

    This is pretty much the process of using a blog to make money online. Now of course, MULTIPLE tweaks can apply to this process that would make it more profitable or more optimized for ranking in the search engines and also converting sales, but this is the general concept....and it sounds like that's what you were asking for.

    Do your research on how to perfect that process. There are some good WSO's in this forum that can help. Also check out youtube for ideas.

    Anyone feel free to correct if I missed a few things.

    Best wishes
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    My point is another one I build a website on say scubadiving ...that talks about scubadiving and also other related articles...one , best places for scubadiving ,another, best season for scuba diving in USA etc etc ...say that my site brings to me 1000 people a day.I dont talk in my articles abut any product.In some areas of my website i put advertising related to scubadiving ,does it work that way?or i need necessary talk about a product in my article to drive people to buy that product,a review?I have a website that had made 1800 visitors in a month I did not make ONE cent i advertised products related to the website of course i say one cent.Is 1800 visitors a ridicolous low number?I think i had maximum 10 clicks on the products i advertize there.Am i missing something?Im not talking about thousand dollars i talk about 1 dollar.It is like i miss something.I offer also a ebook for free in 1800 visits i had One i say One that subscribed to my email.It is like i miss something,I miss some basic concept.Or it can be also that 1800 visits in a month is nothing.
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    may be i miss a squeeze page i do not know
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    This is how I would do. I would get all my traffic to my squeeze page. I would then put valuable content on my blog on regular basis and then send my subscribers to the blog to check the free quality content.

    Within the content and probably around the blog post I would have my own products displayed, affiliate products promoted, google adsense ads, CPA offers or probably paid advertising such as banners of other sites running.

    It completely depends on the no. of traffic I have to my blog. If my subscriber list is HUGE I would have adsense and paid advertising running. If it would be small I would probably try to recommend one of my affiliate product or my own product within the blog post and make money from there.

    If you are doing SEO to get traffic to your blog, make sure you solely try to capture leads using your blog by placing your squeeze page, you can then make money from your subscribers later.

    This is a simple but powerful process. Once you have your subscribers within your autoresponder you can setup dozens upon dozens of products in your funnel and keep selling them for years on autopilot....

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      A lot of times the niche will determine for you how you should monetize the blog.

      Some things only work best with adsense, other things might work better with just affiliate offers.

      But one thing you don't want to do is try too many ways to monetize at first because it can confuse results as to what can make you the most money for the traffic you are getting.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    You create a good informational blog. They search for information. They find your blog and when they get there they know what they want to do. And that is read information. They didn't come there to click on banners.

    To get them to click on your banners, you need to tell them or help them. For example, you could have an article that talks about scuba fins and then recommend 'x scuba fin seller'. You can put a text link in your article AND you can tell them at the end of the article to click the banner at the right.

    Reviews are good for selling. There is no reason why your blog can't contain some reviews among the other information. If you don't like salesy articles, you can write a comparison. I like 'x fins' because they have 'y'. This is better than 'b fins' that don't have 'y'.

    Bottom line is you have to tell people what to do. That is a primary reason for capturing email addresses for a list. You can be a bit more salesy in your emails. You can write an informative article and at the end say 'if you liked this article' you might like to look at the product I advertise at the bottom of this email.
    The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. ~ Lin Yutang
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    ok Now i understand a little bit better yes sometime it seems to me like the people comes to my blog they read and then they leave without click on any of the 8 products that i have online advertising.I dont have a squeeze page i have on the left side of my blog aweber widget that says subscribe to my email list and you will get a free ebook of 15 dollars value.Should I add a squeeze page?The people goes to that page before really go to my website?
    When i go check if people clicked on my banners i have no people clicking on them
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    They don't click on my links ! My website has informations and on the sides of the website some suggested links to buy products related to my website.For this reason i do not know if I miss something of the process,they don't even subscribe to the mail list to get a free book.May be this website is not supposed to make any money.Not one click of a person buying one of the products advertised in the website.I repeat
    i dont pretend to make hundred dollars thousand dollars,if i made 10 dollars i would be happy,just a little incentive to continue.For this reason i say may the numbers are not right ,may be 1800 visitors in a month is a ridicolous number,see the problem is that being self starters you don't have anyone that say "hey what you doing is completely wrong,try this try that.I'm trying to figure what can be the missing ring of the chain.My conversion rate is 0000,000 percent.
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    If you have a niche with high paying customers then 2000 pageview a day will be good money with Adsense
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    My suggestion is like have a clear plan before you go for any stuff. Mainly make your blooging or product what ever you do make it unique atleast different from existing one. People always look for difference like googl+ instead of fb.

    Studying Journalism

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      Perhaps if you told us the url we could take a look and recommend some ways to improve your results. I recently did that for someone with the same problems. he spent 2 days making changes and had results within the week.

      One thing I've noticed is that you write in one block paragraphs, and don't use punctuation very well. This could put readers off.

      I understand that English may not be your first language, so you may need to have someone proof read your articles/posts before you publish them.

      I would love to have 1000 visitors a day. With that much traffic, you'd have to be doing something fundamentally wrong not to succeed.

      Why not put your url in your Profile? Then we could take a look and advise.


      Now where did I put that pencil?

      Time for a cuppa.
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