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Does anyone know if clickbank has any specific rules regarding about forcing
customers to first opt-in before they go to the thank-you page...

Also, what about upsells, where exactly they are allowed (sequence-wise)
in the order process?

I'm thinking about using the following set-up:

Customer clicks order button

Customer fills in order like normal

Customer is transferred to Customer Opt-In Page

Customer is then redirected to OTO/Upsell page
(and told to scroll to bottom to skip the upsell offer)

Insights much apprecaited,
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    Not sure but that method does not sound to effective and a little shady have someone pay for something and then have to give you their information?
    Go with

    Customer clicks to join to download your product fills out forum
    Customer then pays for the product your upsell when they login to download your product

    Get their information first then their money then the OTO it just sounds shady to me other wise.
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    Frank Kern uses it for his dog training books.
    I asked Clickbank about using it and they they said they wanted to see the squeeze page and the set up first.
    So, I guess the short answer is yes.
    One thing I would advise against is forcing customers to opt-in after they've made the purchase.
    I've encountered that and never bought from them again.
    (It was a well known "guru".)
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    Not exactly shady but could make some people upset.... Here's what I do:

    After payment they are redirected to the download page. I have 3 Steps all on the same page, one after the other...

    I first have an audio or video at the top of the page explaining what to do, how to download the product, etc...

    Step #1: Register your product for faster customer care.

    Step #2: Update or get these free tools you need to view the product. (PDF Reader Link, Quick Time Link go here)

    Step #3: Download the product you purchased

    (These 3 steps are all on the same page so the customer can choose to register or not etc..)

    I also have Additional Resources below the download link as well as an audio or video explaining why these resources are a good compliment to what they just purchased.

    Mike Hill
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