Making Money From a Libary Computer Terminal - Is It Possiable?

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Hello warriors!!

My name is Muja - well atleast that's what I'm commonly known as in the online realm - really my name is Abdullah.

I have been studying Internet Marketing in my spare time for some months now - reading the free content which I could get my hands on - and, for the most part, I understand most of the formula's for making money online.

The problem I find with most of the money making strategys is that they require money to start - however I have noticed that in theory it should be possiable to make money from nothing, using free means of hosting, free means of gaining traffic, and free means of selling (i.e: selling affiliate products).

My personal situation right now is one where I am living in a shared house - I have nothing but Job Seekers Allowence to my name finacially and I have no PC or internet connection and therefore I am very limited in terms of what I can actually do online.

The positive however is that this gives me the perfect opportunity to test my theory - my theory is that "bum marketing" as it was once called IS achievable and that if I put in the elbow-grease (or more accuratly finger-grease) then I can earn myself some cash using nothing but free means and a few hours work each day.

From what I have read and understood, my best chances seem to be either:

1) Create a Usefull, Quality-Information packed free blog and use free, viral, social media to promote traffic to it, then monetize with Clickbank affiliate products.


2) Create a Pre-Sales Page and host it on free hosting, then use free means of gaining traffic and clickbank to moneytize.

In all honesty, Internet Marketing has been something I wanted to get started for months now - it seems to fit my character perfectly as a job, learning, teaching, creative writing and designing are passions of mine and as we all do: I need the job

(and I can never see myself working for somebody else, it's just not me).

But now, after some time of being frustrated at the fact I have no money, no computer and no internet (except the Libary) - I have decided to get off my ass and get this party started!

So this is sort of my introduction as I haven't actually posted anything on the forum - and it is my ask for help,

Do you believe my strategy will work?

Can you sugguest anything I can do to improve my chances?

and Hello Warrior's

I look forward to your replys,

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    As you already mentioned, most of the tools you need as an Internet Marketer can be found SOMEWHERE or another for free on the internet. Everything from hosting, banner creators, and online file storage, to email, social marketing tools, and auto-responders. BUT most of it includes spam of its own. It's not the preferable way to go long term. The good side is that you aren't required to use free stuff forever. Once you get a few sales under your belt and money in your paypal account, then you have the money to start paying for non-free services that don't spam your potential customers with sales copy of their own. So going the free route is good for starters, but I would not use it for very long.

    As for your two ideas, they should both work. I can think of other ideas as well, but start with what you have already figured out, then diversify.
    Signature and 2 essential Internet Marketing tools from the family of websites.
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      It really depends how motivated you are.

      If you're willing to put all that effort into making money.

      You seem like an excellent writer:

      Here's what you do:

      1) Get on fiverr and offer 600 - 700 words well written articles for 5 dollars. (You have plenty of time) - Write and deliver at the library. Make sure you deliver on time and no negative feedback (this is crucial).

      2) Set up a blogger account, wordpress or a high traffic free blog, put adsense on your blogs and target super low searches for your posts. Keep doing this.

      3) Save up enough money for a computer and internet (this is crucial).

      4) Keep doing the above - get hosting and a keyword related domain (2000 - 3000 searches). Work your butt off to get that domain to the first page of google. Start seeing money.

      5) Reinvest in tools.

      6) Start building a list for your niches.

      7) Build more sites using the strategies you learned in step 4.

      8) Start mailing out offers to your niche (money).

      9) Start seeing some serious income from niche (sites)

      10) Move out from shared house.

      11) Make money while you sleep

      Keep building sites and keep building that list.
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    Hello Abdullah. I'd say your method could and should start to work.

    Unlike many people who come here basically asking "tell me, tell me" you've done a lot of hard graft working out a plan, reading, and assessing your own skills. You sound highly motivated and you know what your passions are.

    I have no doubt that you will succeed. In your situation you can either moan about it or, as you say get off your *** and do something about it.

    Obviously it will be slow to start as free access at your library is going to limit the time you can spend online.

    As you say that learning, teaching etc are passions, and you will be spending lots of time in your library I suggest you get to know the staff. I know from past experience as an IT teacher that many beginners start by using their library - and you might find some potential clients there who would like lessons.

    I know if you are Job Seekers you have to be careful about how much you earn. I don't even know how much that is these days. It used to be that you could earn £20 a week. But that would be a couple of lessons a week you could give and money you could save towards your own domain and hosting.

    All the info you'll ever need is right here in the forum somewhere. IM is a learning curve. I'm constantly learning - each week I learn something new and apply it where possible.

    So - welcome to the forum, good luck, and let us know how you get on.
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  • Hi Abdulla

    I think the key that will unlock your desires is asking the question " How can I deliver the greatest value consistently to my clients"

    There are lots of tools but there is infinite potential for innovation in delivering better and greater service and value. The world is starving for solutions!

    We will Increase Your Profits by at least 30%, Contract Guaranteed, Using Proven Marketing Systems, or We Keep Working FREE until its done

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    Wow, thank you sincerely for all the advice and support.

    There is no "thank" button showing on my screen for some reason, but if there were, I would thank every one of you.

    I want you to know I have to log off now, but I have taken in everything and I will act accordingly.

    Rosetree, thanks for recommending I get to know the staff at the libary, it's something that completely slipped past me! lol.

    I'll write back in more detail tomorrow when I can next get online - but for now I'm going to have to log out and let somebody else use the computer.

    I'm having problems thinking of a niche at the moment - but on the plus side - I found out I have £80 in an old Google Adwords account which I never used .

    (No idea how to use it, but still ).

    I'll be online tomorrow at the same time and keep you all posted.

    Thanks guys,
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    It may take some time especially at the beginning but you'll finally make it.
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    Thanks ZealZeal

    Sorry about my previous post, I had to rush it as the time on the computer terminal I was using was near run out.

    Anyway - just an update

    So far today I have made some advances in Phaze One of my plan.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1) Created a Free Blog over at Blogger.

    2) Signed up to Clickbank and selected some Affiliate Products for a later date.

    3) Wrote my first Blog Post.

    4) Wrote and sumbitted an Article to a few Article Databases with a link to my Blog in the signature.

    5) Joined a popular, on-topic forum and made a few posts.

    and that's all for today.

    Tomorrow I plan on using the forum to gain reputation, friends and promotion of my blog and writing and submitting a few more articles.

    I will also update the actual blog just once.

    No Moneytization will be in place just yet - except Adsense - which will be replaced by Affiliate Offers at a later date.

    I will keep you updated on my progress,


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    Hello Muja. I've just a rant on another thread about income claims and whether wso's "work". I have a bee in my bonnet this week about all the people who come here and expect the world to hand things to them on a plate. Tell me, tell me. Do it for me.

    It's people like you who keep me sane! Good luck.

    I think Chairman Mao said something like "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". You've taken that first step.
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    Mr Muja,

    While I know that you think that internet marketing can be done in your spare time, I honestly think that it's not possible... the truth, for me anyway, and when I finally had a "Breakthrough" came because I spent 16 hours a day glued to my computer for months on end.

    Some might have experienced success a little sooner, some later... but everyone I know who's successful, spent a LOT of time working and improving their business.

    Essentially, putting in 80% of their time and getting 20% of the rewards (or even less than that)...

    There are quick methods to make money like providing a service. BUT, if you want to create a business that doesn't rely on you being there, then you will either have to spend time doing it and learning important stuff yourself...

    ... or spend a lot of money on freelancers to do everything for you (but this will only work if you KNOW what you want, which only happens after you study other people's business models for long enough - outsourcing is useless if you don't know the end goal).

    All the best,
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    Mr. Muja

    Congratulations on taking action!

    I don't know how much money you are allowed to make, but just to add my two cents. Since you are on this forum you have probably seen all of the success with WSOs.

    And before people get, crazy here... Lol, I know that you are a newbie or what I like to call (Newbie Elite). This is because you have already done some study and you are taking action. Don't let WSOs scare you. Because since you have the time... I just wanted to let you know some of the most successful WSOs have been service based and researched based WSOs.

    Steps that others have taken to create successful (services/ research base)WSOs.

    If you don't already have one get yourself some kind of "USB Flash Drive"

    Or you will have to find some place online that let's you store your work.

    If you don't already have one, setup a Paypal account.

    1: Go through the various threads to see what people are looking for.
    you can look inside, "Warrior Products & Services, and "Warrior Special Offers Forum. ***Mr. Muja, Please don't get caught up in the Hype and Selling inside the WSO forum. Just research...only.*****

    2: You are looking for high views and replies.

    3: Try to concentrate on Articles and or Niche Research. Ever wonder why if you go to the service and classified section of the warrior forum and you see a lot of people selling article services and or niche research services? (People Hate To Do This Stuff). AND THAT IS WHY IT SELLS.

    4: If you know how, once you find some popular trends on the warrior forum, go to Google... and use Googles External Keyword Tool to find out what the serch volume is for the various niches that you found on Warrior Forum. (Write Down this info.)

    5: Write 5-7 articles on a popular niche. (This is one package.)

    6: Write another 5-7 articles for a popular niche.(This is package two.) and so on..

    7: Create at least 5 packages.

    8: Come back to Warrior Forum and go to "Warrior Products & Services"

    9: Place an Ad in the Classified Section. (I do believe it's free).

    10: I can't get into writing the Ad Copy for you here..

    (But let them know that you have 5 personally written article packages consisting of an average of "6 articles per package equaling about 30 articles in these "hot- niches" showing search volume".)

    (You can sell them in any combination, ie. 1 package, 2 packages, etc...
    People Buy This Stuff All Day Long - Every Day!)

    When someone buys one of your packages, (And if it is on a popular niche & and search volume is good), be sure to ask for reviews...

    11: Be sure that when you first start out, if anyone ask to see an article - that you DO-NOT give them a copy... Just politely send any interested parties to one of your blogs to see a sample of your writing.

    12: Then when you make some money you can create a new package set - And Start a WSO...

    13: if you want, you can just sell one or two packages on the, Warrior Products and Services section and collect some reviews (Important), and then start a WSO selling the full 5 package set, of "Hot & Popular Niches w/ good Search Volume".
    (You can do a screen capture of the Google Search Volume for proof that Your "5 Article Packages" are popular. The reason why people will go for this, and are currently purchasing this kind service is because you are not selling article by article. Your are selling a Highly Sought After Commodity. "Serveral article mini-packages", that people can use for anything. Content is still king. People are even turning their articles into videos.

    Problem: 1:
    This takes a lot of time, and you have to do good research. (Easier than it sounds). Thats why a lot of people don't do it, or outsource the work to others.

    Problem: 2: (This may be or may not be a problem depending on your point of view.)
    But, if you pay the $40.00 to run your WSO... This could make you some decent money. So it might disqualify you from your Job Seekers.

    THIS WORKS! Just go into the "Warrior Products & Services" and then go to Warrior Special Offers Forum to see for yourself.

    People are making a living at providing this valuable service online as well as offline.

    Oh, by the way, just in case you are wondering where I obtained this technique from. I learned it from James Jones. (A well respected marketer.)

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr Muja
    Harold - THANK YOU
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