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Hi guys.

I bought this site 3 months ago from a WSO provider. It's finally finished (last week) and I am struggling to come up with a strategy to promote it.

Here's the site:

Here are my requirements:

1. I want to spend less than 3 hours a day promoting it--I'm out of work right now and have some spare time, but not all day.

2. It must employ mostly free techniques to drive traffic to the site. I have a very small budget of about $50 for this project until it starts generating sales.

3. The techniques I employ must be outsourcable, as I plan to reinvest to scale up as soon as possible.

I'd love to hear your ideas/feedback on what method(s) you think may work the best for this particular site.

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    Here are a few ideas:

    - Focus on this aspect of IM in a blog and/or website and/or forum

    - Use it as a springboard for related articles, reports, and ebooks

    - If you have experience in this, consider coaching, online courses, webinars.

    - Mention your site in your articles' resource boxes.

    - Set up a related Squidoo site.

    - Start a newsletter.

    - Use Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about your site.
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      I would recommmend that you setup a blog and write article around the subject of your site and have the site as a call to action at the end of each article.

      Follow what webwriter has said, for 3 hours a day you could get 1 article out to lots of directories and also syndicate that article. There is no quick fix if you want longterm security with this site.

      Best of luck with it.
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        I wish you very good luck with it.

        Please excuse the observation that - for myself - I'd start by doing two things ...

        (i) Re-write the headline (at least to correct the grammar, if not to make it a little shorter - both very easily done: even if you just take out the word "with" and put a comma there instead, that would be an improvement), and ...

        (ii) Split-test the removal of three of the bonuses, because having six bonuses can detract from an offer, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the conversion-rate actually improved a little with only three of them.
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    I have NEVER hired anyone to drive traffic to my site and I average 300-500 views/day!

    If you are looking to establish some CRAZY traffic, here's what I would recommend!

    P.S. My traffic increased 564.1% in 6 days using these techniques and I began generating 3-4 leads/day within a week..

    1. Facebook Groups: Join many different, similar-niche groups and post updates linking new content whenever it's created. (Only post to 3-4 groups per half hour to avoid Facebook's "bad list.")
    2. Tweet: Tweet 3-4 times per day with a shortened URL to your new content. (Once ever 2 hours to not appear a spammer...)
    3. Forum Marketing: Answer 2-3 questions per day on a forum that is similar to your niche. This brands YOU as a leader and with a nice signature box linking back to your site, this can generate some nice, interested traffic! (If you are into online entrepreneurship like myself, WarriorForum is a great place to answer questions and receive some nice traffic!)
    4. Youtube Video: Post a short video promoting your new content to Youtube. (Seeing as Youtube is the most visited video site on the web, this can create mass traffic!)
    5. Tribe Syndication: Have your content syndicated thousands of times through a tribe and your content will easily get to the front page of Google--Which is a MASS traffic generator in itself. (I personally have my content syndicated to more than 700 different sites EVERY day using Tribepro. And it's only 10 bucks!)
    6. Article Marketing Robot: This tool will submit your new content to more than 300 different article directories! (This will boost your traffic ridiculously..)
    7. Facebook PPC: Although this can be costly, it can enable some INSANE traffic and good, quality leads! (I have a friend that is making crazy money doing it..)
    8. Blog Commenting: Comment on like-minded user's blogs. Simply put! lol.
    9. Tags in posts: Seemless as they may be, put relevant tags in ALL your posts. Search engines LOVE this!
    10. Google Keyword Tool: This will help you name your post something that will be searched thousands of times a month! (I have reached the 3rd position on Google's front page with this! Just Google: "The Perpetual Traffic Formula" and see for yourself! Living proof! lol.)

    If you use these tricks for every new piece of content you create, your blog's traffic will increase EXPONENTIALLY.

    Like I said, I use almost every single one of these techniques and in doing so, my blog's traffic increased 564.1% my first week..

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    The first step is to get conversion tracking in place. This will tell you exactly where each sale comes from.

    Then you can try these free marketing techniques:

    -traffic exchanges
    -social media
    -article marketing
    -video marketing
    -forum marketing

    Your tracking will show which ones work and specifically which sites in each one work. After 30-90 days, dump the non-performing places and ramp up your activities in the top ones.
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