New Google Sitelinks are Great! How do i get more???

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Hi guys,

it's the first time i've noticed the new google sitelinks -- they are big, and they have help improve my CTR - and my adsense earnings

How do i get the full 12 sitelinks for my search results?

If you search for my domain -- i get the full 12. So "mysite .com"

BUT if you search for a term my site ranks No.1 for -- i only have 6 sitelinks. e.g. "Red Apples" - i get 6 sitelinks.

But i see it is possible to get the full 12 for searches other than your exact domain name. But how do you go about it??

"lastfm rihanna" - as shown on this blog gets the full 12...

Google's Expanded Sitelinks

Whereas in my case, i would get 12 for "lastfm", but only get 6 for "lastfm rihanna"

Thanks for the advice.
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    Yeah I noticed it earlier today when I typed in a domain name of mine. I was like. Woah, now that's what I'm talking about. It nearly takes up the entire above-fold space!
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    I need to get on this. Getting a display like that on google would certainly help my CTR go up!!

    yikes.. how do I make google do this? I need to go do some research now.
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    is it for every domain or just some aged domains
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    Wish I knew what you guys were talking about. It looks important, but I am lost as to what it is.

    Tim Pears

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      Originally Posted by timpears View Post

      Wish I knew what you guys were talking about. It looks important, but I am lost as to what it is.
      Read the link in my first post -- it explains all

      They really look like they are going to make a change to your CTR from google, compared to the older style sitelinks.
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    Yes, this has definitely improved the CTR. It has also had an effect on my bounce rates; more people are landing on the contact page, or the blog, etc.

    On your question, I don't have an authoritative answer on this but I presume it depends on the authority of your site and the relevancy to the keyword searched for. My websites are more or less the same as yours. Quite a few of them have sitelinks for the site's name/brand name itself however, for other keywords, they have lesser number of sitelinks or none at all.
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