Do you check your Akismet SPAM?

by Asher
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Hi Warriors,

I'm just wondering something... I've made a habit
of myself to check the SPAM section of my WP
blog ever since I've found good comments marked
as spam after I installed Akismet.

It's a great tool to keep out the spam messages
but once in a while, the spider catches a nice
butterfly instead of an annoying mosquito.

I've found several comments there that are made
by real people with really nice things to say...
but they've been there for 2 months!

I set those nice comments free and replied to them
but it's probably too late... the person who made
the post might never come back to see my reply~

To the top,
#akismet #check #spam
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    Yeah... spam blockers are bittersweet...

    Sometimes they help... Sometimes they kill you (metaphorically).

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    normally i don't check it ....

    there are too many spams ... just remove all

    Best Regards,
    Kishore M

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    Asher, i guess with Akismet - the commentor must've been marked as spam on other blogs hence Akismet remembers unless someone remove them from the list.

    Here's how to know if you yourself has been marked as spam and how to unmark yourself.

    1. Comment on your own akismet protected blog and see if you are marked as spam.
    2. If no, congrats. If yes, unmark yourself and you are now able to comment on other akismet protected blogs without worrying if your comment will be seen.
    3. No foolproof method - if you see your comments never appearing. You've probably been marked as spam and need to take step 1 again.
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  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    Hey Fendi Salim,

    Thanks! That's a good one... I never thought about
    that if my own comments would be tagged as spam...

    But they would be detected, since it's on my own
    blog, no?

    Anyway, I'll go try it out. Thanks again~

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  • Profile picture of the author Fendi Salim
    Don't log in when trying to test a comment on your own blog.
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    Thanks! That's a good one.
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    This seems an interesting article for me. Thanks for promoting this truth.
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