Amazon affiliate ads and Google affiliate ads on the same page?!

by sam770
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Hi Folks,
I am running a site which currently has Amazon affiliate ads.

I am considering adding Google Affiliate network (GAN) ads to the site as well.

2 Question for experienced affiliators :

1. Is this an OK thing to do by Google and Amazon?
2.Is it a problem (SEO wise) to include ads from different affiliate networks on the same page/site?

Many Thanks,

Sam's Wife
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    Anyone knows?
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    You can put as many ads as you want from competing networks on a page. Just make sure you're not putting more than any 1 network allows. (Ex: AdSense only allows 3 AdSense ads, but they don't care if you have 15 Amazon ads.)

    It's really an issue of style vs monetization...don't make your page look jumbled.

    -- j

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    Hi Sam's Wife!

    You can combine both...that's not a problem!

    From an SEO perspective, you will be fine as well.

    Personally, I've always had better overall results having just Amazon on my site as opposed to Amazon AND Google.

    As JaRyCu mentioned, let the content stand out more than your affiliate links. You don't want them to be TOO MUCH in your face. Just let your visitors see the value of your content...They'll end up clicking your links.

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    In addition, you should better check the terms and conditions of these two programs.

    We have mage monster sites and we have both amazon affilate ads and google ads.
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