Overwhelmed, Overworked :(

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Hey all,

Well I have done what I always do. I have ran out and started 3 things at once and now none of them are performing as I would like. So I need to take a step back and start with one idea at a time.

I have a website that has begun to rank page 2/3 for my chosen terms but I find backlinking a massive time hole and its time I dont have. Right now I have my new born daughter trying to fall asleep whilst whimpering on my lap

I have tried two backlink providers here and they both frankly sucked. One never delivered and the other delivered unrelated forum backlinks.

There are just so many options here to choose from. What I want to do is nominate 5 terms to link to one URL and get a great number of backlinks actually picked up by the SERPs and push my site up the rankings.

Anyone push me in the direction of a reliable provider whom I can side with for all clients?

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    in my experience, you really do need to do backlinking yourself. or, if you pay somebody, note down EXACTLY what you want them to do and then agree on a price.

    grunt work is easy and cheap, the strategic planning of backlinking is priceless though, so form your own plan, then outsource.
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    Yeah doing it yourself is a good way to do it, but it can be time consuming. You may want to consider using something like Scrapebox.

    Forum profiles aren't bad if you know how to get them indexed properly, even if it "seems" unrelated they can still help to get you ranked well. Blog comments are also a great way to go.
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    Have you tried Build My Rank? Its a pretty powerful service and you can outsource the short articles or write them yourself. It has been working well for me as I am trying to get away from profile links.
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    I can relate to having a young daughter (mine is 13 months and wakes up every hour of the night right now) and trying to run an internet business.

    I can also relate to throwing a bunch of shxt at the wall and waiting to see what sticks.

    My best advice for you would be to dump projects two and three and focus solely on project one. It's hard enough with one project, then you throw a baby into the mix.

    Not easy.

    As for the back linking....there is a well known Warrior named Matt LaClear who has a service you need to invest in. It's braindead simple and will relieve you of the mundane time suck that is link building.

    His service is simple. You give him five keywords that you want to rank highly for, and he builds links to your site using all five of the keywords you provide him until one of those keywords hits page one in Google.

    It's that simple.

    I don't eat lunch with Matt everyday nor do I care to. But I do use his service and it is everything that is advertised in his thread.

    Your problem is solved.

    Hope this helps.

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    Awwwww, I am so so sad that you are feeling like this

    I known how hard it is with a baby. I have 2 children, one is 4 the other 18 months and only just started to sleep through. At one stage she was waking every hour, I was running on empty.

    Ed Dales challenge is starting is September, maybe give that a go, just a little bit everyday - slow and steady wins the race!

    Em xox
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    I prefer to build my links manually, and it can become quite a bit of pain to be honest. I really like what dhigler has posted and I think the service he has mentioned is really worth the shot - given the money you have spent (wasted) on other services, I think this one is worth a try as well.
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    It could be useful to spend a day looking at the 3 sites and determining the level of competition for each of the phrases you are thinking about and then narrowing things down after analyzing what else is on page one to start with the ones that you have the best shot at (ie in terms of backlinks that others have, age of domain, use of keywords in title tag etc).

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    SEO can be a depressing job my man. I counter it by going out alot...ALCOHOL!!! (just kidding..but not really)
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    If you're overwhelmed and overworked, try to rest, go to vacation or something.
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    In addition to that, take them one at a time, break them into manageable pieces and then deal with them.
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    Outsource... outsource... outsource..

    If you havent the funds for Odesk or the such, do you have any family members, (teenagers idealy), that will do some backlinking for you for a bit of extra cash? Wont take long to teach them, and they can release some of your valuable time.
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    Cheers guys and gals. Giving Matt's links a run on main site. That should give the website a kick in the pants.

    Just need to find good outsourced partners and ideally 5-10 more clients to strike a balance
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    Hi Simbot.

    I am a young guy, and I don't have a child yet; but I understand what it means to start 3 things at once and fail at the 3.

    Here's my advice:
    Weigh the immediate and long-term benefits of each of them, and select one to start with.

    Take them one at a time - Inch by inch, anything is a cinch.
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